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Tuesday 29 July


Everything is everything

When you first start doing CrossFit, the sheer volume of learning can be a bit overwhelming.

Then there is that day when the coach says hang power snatch, and like a flash of lightning you realise you know what that is!!

And then there is the day when you realise that you can also PERFORM a hang power snatch pretty good too…..

But there are also those dang double unders, and wallballs, and push jerks, and toes to bar……… it seems like there is almost too much to get good at sometimes, and surely trying to focus on getting better at a weakness, is just going to allow other weaknesses to form…?

Not the case.

Because CrossFit sticks to very functional movements, we can categorise almost 90% of everything we do as a squat, a bend, a push, and a pull. The last 10% is covered by carries, rotations, bracing, jumping and throwing.

And as you start to notice the pattern, and recognise it in all the movements, you’ll realise that when you are practicing your front squat, you are also improving wallballs, cleans, pistols and thrusters.  Box jumps will make double unders, running and kettlebell swings better.   And those are just the obvious links, it’s ALL related – kettle bell swings will improve your running and your pullups too.

The greatest thing about this is that you get to PR.  All.  The. Freakin. Time.

Everything is everything.  It’s all CrossFit, so practice CrossFit.



OH  Squat or Bulgarian Split Squat

5 x 8, building


5 Burpees

10 DB Hang Squat Clean

15 Slamballs

Rest 2mins

5 rounds



OH Squat

Find 1RM


10 Burpee Box Jumps  60/50cm

20 Wallball 9/6kg (10′/9′)

Rest 2mins

5 rounds

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Monday 28 July

This post is for you intermediate athletes. Many of you are kicking absolute butt during the FITNESS workouts!  But, the PERFORMANCE metcons are often still too difficult for you.  I’ve heard that some of you are a little frustrated/confused/curious about making the jump over what can appear to be a large divide between the two […]

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Saturday 26 July

WORKOUT In 5 mins, Run 800m (scale distance as needed, or sub row/bike) – in remaining time, max reps Power Clean 70/45kg (scale weight as needed, or sub Hang Power Clean) Rest 5 mins During the rest, complete 6 Wall Walks or 18 HSPU In 5mins, Run 800m – in remaining time, max reps Front […]

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Time to kill…

This week we’ve talked about how to really get the most out of your hour with us, and also about how you can still get an effective workout done even if you don’t have an hour to spare. But what about those of you who have the time to spend 90-120mins hanging out with us? […]

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Thursday 24 July

A quick update on a few things; – tshirts and hoodies are due in early next week! – semi-private skill sessions start next week also, keep an eye out for a newsletter outlining dates/times and more details. – our CrossFit kids started back this week, but there are still a few spots available in the […]

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The right to change your mind….

I can remember about 20 years ago, when I was first getting into lifting weights and thinking about health; I used to make myself egg white omelettes.  I couldn’t eat the yolks of course because they were full of nasty fat!! There was a time when I can remember eating no more than 10grams of […]

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No time? No worries….

Yesterday I wrote about how effective your hour of training can be if you focus. And that training all day, was not an essential requirement to achieve a high level of fitness. In fact, you can often get by with even less than an hour. Many of you have spoken with me or the other […]

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It’s not the years in your life…..

…’s the life in your years…. Heard that quote before? How much life have you crammed into YOUR years so far? This quote also applies quite well to your training.  Our sessions are 50-60mins long, and sure some of you have the luxury to spend 30mins either side of that to work on other things, […]

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Saturday 19 July

Happy Saturday everyone!  Next week we start another training phase.  No major changes (why mess with perfection right…?  but you’ll see a couple of differences. – slightly increased deadlift frequency. – dedicated gymnastic skill practice on most days, but particularly on Thursday. – Thursday’s strength piece will have more of a gymnastic focus (as opposed […]

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Friday 18 July

When I tried to gain muscle I failed….. Took all the supplements in the world…. Tried body part splits, high volume, high intensity, giant sets, drop sets, forced reps, partial reps, negative reps, assisted reps, pre-fatigue, post fatigue…… When I tried to lose fat I failed….. Took all the supplements in the world Did steady […]

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Wise words from Bruce…

“I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times” -Bruce Lee How do we acquire a skill? Practice. Acquiring multiple skills at once, means watering down your available time to practice each one, which may lead to sub optimal development of […]

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Compete at something…

Competing is a big part of CrossFit, both within the workouts themselves and in weekend events.    Back in 2008 when I started CrossFit NZ, almost every other affiliate owner competed at CrossFit at a high level.  I still talk to people who want to open their own, but are concerned they aren’t a good […]

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Just a phase….

We’re moving into another phase of training shortly team! But this week, is just good ol fashioned, constantly varied functional movement, to transition out of our incredibly successful PR week and get our bodies ready for next week.  This is a good time to unknot any niggles you may have picked up as you peaked […]

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Monday 14 July

Great work to Joelene Neville and Coach Krista for their efforts at the Industrial Athletic Invitational on the weekend!!  This was Krista’s first high level comp, placing 13th and Joelene came away with a second place finish! Great job to everyone who competed, this is the only outside comp CFNZ/RCF09 gets involved with from an […]

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Saturday 12 July

This weekend we’re helping to run the Industrial Athletic Invitational comp at the NZ Fitness Expo.  Joelene and Coach Krista from 09 will be competing with the best athletes in the country, and they’d love your support. If you book online, you will score a bit of a discount with the code IAI2014.  The workout today […]

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You’ll get no (para) sympathy from me….

Chatting with someone recently and they talked about their introduction to CrossFit being some pretty severe programming – high volume, very heavy, high reps etc.    Also the concept of rest was fairly foreign. You know how much we encourage the opposite here – sensible training, good variance, mobility, sleep and nutrition. Sleep is one […]

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Member profile- Michelle Christie

Today we’re hearing from Michelle Christie!!  Coach Nira caught up with her recently for a chat…. How were you introduced to CrossFit and CFNZ? I have a few friends who have been banging on about CrossFit for ages, and we had been joking around about the cult they belonged to.  After a while I started […]

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Paleo on pennies

Yesterday we talked about the rise of Pseudo Paleo, and how all the sugars from non sugar cane sources can fool people into thinking that their treats are one step removed from broccoli….. The other thing about Paleo treats is they are expensive!  So perhaps use the damage to your pocket as a way to […]

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