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Patiently impatient….


In a conversation today, I recounted the story of a phone call I received a few years back, from a young man enquiring about membership.  He was very enthusiastic, and was interested in a package that allowed him to train two-three times per day.

We had a bit of a discussion, but I was unable to convince him that there was a better option…… such as maybe just starting with two-three times per WEEK……

It’s strange, but being surrounded by motivated people all the time sometimes makes me forget how hard many people find it to get some regular training done.  On the other hand, we sometimes are faced with the hyper-motivated,  alpha-type, and occasionally unrealistic.

Don’t get me wrong, I love enthusiasm.  Even with the constantly varied and mentally stimulating nature of our training program, some sessions are just ‘punch the clock’ days.

However, enthusiasm needs to be channeled correctly.

In the words of USA Gymnastic coach, Christopher Sommer, you need to be patiently impatient.

You understand that success does not happen overnight and that there are no short cuts.

But at the same time, you are hungry for more, you are always trying to speed up the process, and that is simply reflected in your daily enthusiasm, first to arrive at the gym for class, and last to leave, you’ll be constantly picking the coaches brains for tips and tricks, reading and watching educational material, and sure, once in a while perhaps trying a skill or lifting a weight that is a little too much for you right now.

But not all the time, not every day, not multiple times per day….. well…. mobility you can do multiple times, you can always do more mobility… :)

If you wanted to learn Spanish,  do you think you would be a better speaker if you studied patiently one hour a day, 5 days per week for two weeks, or you impatiently crammed in one solid 10 hour session ?

If you are going to put in extra homework, make sure it’s spent on the basics, endlessly refining those simple movements, that not only will allow you to handle the more difficult training, but a higher volume of it one day, if you so desire.



1. 5 Strict Pullups
2. 10 DB Snatch or 5 Power Snatch (build E2 rounds if able)
3. 200m Row or Run
4. Rest

Alt EM x 40

1.1 EM x 15
5 mins @ 60%
5 mins @ 70%
5 mins @ 75 +

30 Box Jump on and Overs 60/50cm (anyhow)
30 DB Snatch 25/15kg
30 Goblet Squats 25/15kg
30m HS Walk or 9 Wallwalks


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And now, a word from our member….

Pete Hanning competed (with distinction) at the East Tamaki Duets competition on the weekend.  He tries to get away on a big surf trip every year,  and these trips were his original motivation for joining us two years ago (happy anniversary Pete!).  He upgraded to a full time membership a few months ago,  stepping up […]

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Battle Royale 8

We’ve got a birthday coming up….. Eight years old in June! Hard to believe…. CrossFit NZ was the very first affiliate born in New Zealand, now 1 of 140 odd,  spanning the country, from the obvious big centres of Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, to little towns such as Gore, Kaitaia, Mosgiel, and Te Awamutu. We’ve always […]

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Focused effort

Remember Aesop?  He of Aesop’s Fables? Fantastic little tales about animals who acted like humans, holding life lessons and examples of good morals within their stories. Do you know the one about the goat who wanted both sweet skills and amazing mobility? Seems this goat was a fairly decent CrossFitter, but was a little tight […]

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Training vs Testing

Talking with the parents of a 3 year old today, they were already dealing with the dilemma of their daughters future education – what school to choose to give her the best possible chance in life, and to ensure she might actually learn useful and practical knowledge in a world where people aspire to be […]

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5 tips to maximise your mobility

Now in the previous installment, I talked about the common practice of wandering into the gym just out of bed, or after a hard day at the office, and getting straight on to a foam roller to ‘warm up’.  In fact it does the complete opposite.  Dynamic, movement based mobility should be what you’re doing […]

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Regionals – it’s the new Games…..

The Games have come a heck of a long way since their 2007 start.  There were almost more competitors than spectators that year, and it was hosted on the farm of an HQ staff members parents. Now, 7 years later, and we have the massive spectacle that is the Games at the StubHub Centre in […]

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Less routine = more life (except for mobility…)

Yeah sorry bout it.  But you gotta get a routine going with your mobility. 5mins a day is considerably better than 30mins once a week. Around the time that I started down the physical fitness road that led me to CrossFitNZ, I was living in Canada, working as a hardwood floor layer from 7am-7pm.  I […]

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You Row Nothing Jon Snow….!

CrossFit has had it’s fair share of detractors during it’s meteoric rise to popularity. Some incorrectly criticise it for the apparent propensity to do nothing but extreme and injurious high intensity exercise. Others simply hate on its tight knit community vibe, and some CrossFit fans themselves, selfishly hate the fact that it has become so […]

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Mobility – how we roll

When I look up at the mobility area, I get a proud little glow when I see all the Crossover Symmetry stations full up, squat flows, lunges and bridges etc.  But I’m still seeing a few people asleep up there…. Well, when I say asleep, I mean not moving very dynamically, which is important to […]

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Is all mobility equal??

May Mobility – one week down!  We have tested our mobility and have a starting level to work on (if you missed out on that, you should get it done this wee!). Mobility has become a buzz word in CrossFit ever since Kelly Starrett first came into our lives way back in the mid noughties.  […]

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Your workout is my warmup….

….if I take my warmup seriously that is… Back in the day, the above tshirt and slogan were a popular choice for us early adopter CrossFitters, so excited to have discovered such an effective training program, that we got a little arrogant about it……. please forgive us…. These days, however, I’m noticing that this boast […]

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Walk don’t run….

A casual text from a remote client spurred this short post. “anything for Sunday?” it read. When I program for people who want to train as often as possible, they will only get 5 days of what would be considered proper gym workouts.  The other 2 days are completely blank, or contain some sort of […]

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Athlete of the Month – Rudy Sayegh

It’s been a little while since we’ve profiled one of our amazing members.  Our April Athlete of the Month award goes out to Rudy Sayegh!  Rudy began with us as via personal training, and after developing a solid base of fitness, graduated into main classes, becoming a regular fixture of our 430pm ‘happy hour’ sessions. […]

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Don’t pay to train here…

“You pay how much to train there ?? ” I’m sure many of you may have been looked at sideways when you mentioned the cost of membership here. We don’t get a lot of people just walking into the gym out of curiosity but when they do, their first question is “how much does it […]

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Limits. Who needs ‘em?

Sprung a weightlifting competition style workout on the Saturday classes last week.Everyone agreed afterwards that it was bloody good fun.But that they might not have put their hands up for it, if given the choice earlier on. It’s totally understandable.  It’s wired into us.  The status quo is safe.  It’s comforting.  It’s easy. But if […]

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First attempt embarrassment..

2014 was a good year for writing blog posts.  I managed to put pen to paper and create something semi-original almost every week day. Sometimes I would wonder if it was worth it, if I was succeeding in passing on some worthy knowledge to the 7 people who read our website daily….. But I enjoyed […]

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The key to the future is in the past….

What do the champions of this sport do in the gym, to be the champions that they are?  This is a question that many CrossFit Games hopefuls ask themselves, as it makes sense to emulate those that have come before them, in the pursuit of elite performance. Well now that question can be answered! For […]

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Fitness – there’s an app for that

I was reading an interesting article last week about wearable fitness technology.  The Fitbit is probably the product that really kicked off this craze, and not withstanding the class action lawsuit filed against the inaccuracy of it’s data, it seems that we’re only going to be embracing this technology more and more. There are a […]

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Post Open Deload

(this is a rewrite of a recent post, perhaps we’ll repeat a variation of this EVERY few weeks??? Deload. De-what? Are you saying I need to rest? I’m only just hitting my straps here! I’m so fired up from The Open, that I’m raring to get started on a double day, conjugated, periodised, strength bias, […]

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