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Not feeling it? Just get the warm up done…

Chris, a dawn demon regular, needs coffee, a warmup and good banter before he can even THINK about a workout....

Chris, a regular dawn demon, needs coffee, a warmup and some good banter before he can even THINK about a workout….

Some days, if you’re not feeling it, you can procrastinate about going to the gym.  If you do manage to make it to the gym, you still might fluff about, maybe convincing yourself that you should just go home instead.
I was feeling this way in the gym today.  Coming back from a minor injury and a dose of the flu, everything feels hard.   I probably wasted half an hour, mucking around…… cruising along on the erg, debating with myself what I was going to do….. Then I got into the pre-warmup.  The moment I started swinging my arms around, I felt a bit better.   Once I finished a couple rounds of thoracic bridges, divebombers and Sots press I detected a desire to train.  And after I played around with some gymnastics skills, I was dead keen to do more.
Yes, sometimes you don’t feel like working out, and your body sometimes rebels, and trys to tell you it’s too tired, too sore, or too old…….
What I always recommend in this situation, is to just do the warmup, and if you’re still not feeling the love after that, then maybe the signals are worth listening to.  That’s right, sometimes you SHOULD give the workout a miss.  Lack of sleep, a stressful week, or a heavy training load can often necessitate an unplanned rest day.  If you warm up, and still feel like arse, do some mobility and go home for some rest.
A reminder about the pre warmup we have up on the board, it’s designed so that a) you dont have to think.  You’ve done it a hundred times before (I hope), so just move through it, get er done, and before you know it, you’re warm and feeling ready to rock, and b) so that we can spend more time in class teaching and coaching.


50m Reverse Sled Drag
25 Russian Swings
50m Rack Walk
25/15 Pushups
12 cal Row
6 TGU, alternating
AMRAP 25mins

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Easy Week

A great afternoon of competition on Saturday, thanks to Terry and Elaine from Head2Head Weightlifting. A twist on the old fashioned, slow moving Olympic style competition, H2H allows multiple lifts within an 8 minute period, and is based on personal PR’s; resulting in a faster paced, more exciting event, and most importantly, it allows athletes […]

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Coach Profile – Olly Neems

When did you start crossfitting? Was the start of 2012, Ray Kahukiwa and John Brown were on my intro as well,my brother had been rattling on to me for over 6 months about this awesome new way of working out, where everyone was super friendly, and I needed to go checkout CFNZ, the only place […]

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…..learn and play new sports…..

Those words are part of the classic “Fitness In 100 Words” from CrossFit founder Greg Glassman. Yet they are all too often the first ones that are forgotten, as people discover CrossFit, make amazing progress in their fitness, get hooked, enter their first fitness competition, and get even more hooked.  Now the training is the […]

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All the way.

As I was backing out of the driveway Saturday morning, I had to brake for a dozen women standing on the road. Turned out they were working out.  One foot was up on the curb, the other on the road, and they were split squatting approximately 10cm down, and back up. Now, I don’t have […]

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A weekend of competition and more to come…

It was all on this past weekend, people working hard but having fun.  This coming weekend we have another couple of bouts.  After morning classes on Saturday, our NZFL team have their final round, no in person challengers this time, so they’d love it if anyone from the gym was keen?  I think we can […]

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Your real CrossFit anniversary

With all the 3 year and 5 year membership awards I’ve been giving out lately, it’s made me think back to when these amazing members of our community first walked in through our doors.   All with different motivations and reasons for seeking us out.  All starting with varying levels of enthusiasm, confidence and fitness. […]

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Coach Profile – Fred Lait

Having a chat to one of our coaches today – Fred has been with us for some time now, but if you don’t train in the mornings, or have been in need of his excellent physical therapy skills, you might not have even met him! And that, my friends, is a crying shame.  His quiet […]

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Rifles need oil…

Kicking Monday off with a guest post from physio/coach Fred!  (Editors note; I have no idea who he’s talking about in his initial examples…. Even the most Badass Assault Rifles need oil! This one is for all the weapons out there.  Thats right I’m talking to you.  The guy who just came back from Carson.  […]

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Eating elephants….a spoonful at a time…

Today we have a guest post from Blair Smith! We love it when our community contributes to our knowledge base.   If you ever have something you’d like to share, feel free to run it by us. ______________________________________________ Some numbers that have meant a lot to me recently: 1, 3, 22, 29, 10+10+10 & 4 […]

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October Athlete of the Month – Emma Fairnie

A year ago, this wee Scottish lass  got in touch to say she was working nearby (IAG golf coach in Ellerslie) and was looking to sort out some niggly hamstrings, get stronger and also, being a stranger in a strange land, perhaps meet a few new people. It’s safe to say, she has met all […]

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The journey….

We’ve been giving out the latest batch of 3 year and 5 year membership awards this week. We also are going to have to relocate our 1 year wall, and much like a graveyard being built over, we’ll be painting over a few names on that wall that haven’t replaced themselves with a 3 year […]

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Don’t Scale, Optimise!

  As one of the first 200- odd affiliates in the world, I am lucky enough to be able to pick the brains of many of the other OG gym owners, and the best coaches in the business, continuing to learn, and to ensure our gym is benefiting. This weekend I was chatting with (name […]

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Winning or learning…

“Did you win?” A far better question to ask (the student, the athlete, the salesperson, the programmer…) is, “what did you learn?” Learning compounds. Usually more reliably than winning does. – Seth Godin I quoted this in yesterdays post.  One of my favourite sayings.  So applicable to our daily training. After that initial learning of […]

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Last? You’re doing it wrong…

Nice gasssy little number in Wednesdays workout.  Light, but high rep movements, performed fast and furious. Which is exactly where we want to be. We had a nice tight grouping of times, ranging between 4mins and 6mins. It doesn’t matter how new you are to training, if you choose the right weights, scale the reps […]

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When less is more…

Such a great weekend down at the NZ Team Nationals.  We fielded 5 teams across both gyms, and it was great to see the two communities coming together, new friends, and fun times.  Some very challenging workouts, but everyone rose incredibly well to the occasion.  Some very proud coaches…. This weekend, we have a high […]

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A competitive gym…..?

The week leading up to the 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games, I was acclimatising and training in Los Angeles, and ended up hanging out at the same gym as most of the Aussie and Kiwi contingent.  During one session I got to chatting with my old mate Ben Schwartz, owner of CrossFit Melbourne.  He’s been in […]

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First do no harm….

So you’ve got plans to make the 630pm class, and you’ve allowed an extra 30mins to spend doing Crossover Symmetry, inchworms and bridges, as it’s weightlifting today, and your shoulders need a little extra loving after 30-40 years of (insert benchpressing badly, playing rugby, working a desk job etc) in order to function well under […]

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Want to get better? Do what Rich does….

Do what Rich Froning does No, I don’t mean do what he ACTUALLY does.  The guy trains all the freaking time.  Check out this ‘Day at the office’ video where he fits in about 7 workouts over a long day. In his autobiography, he said that on his honeymoon, he was literally sneaking sets of […]

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Mastery vs Competition

I still remember the first time the members of our gym exercised competitively. CrossFit NZ and a couple of the other early affiliates were raising money for charity, so a bunch of us got together, took turns at judging each other through the workout Fight Gone Bad, and then had a BBQ….. This fun little workout […]

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