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Don’t let the cold snap, snap you….

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Last week we got a little taste of the winter.  Hard to beat those beautiful clear, crisp days, but we have to pay for them first with icy, bitter mornings.

Remember, because of our goal to provide as much quality coaching as possible in the training session, our warmup often consists of drills and skills that are a couple of steps along the continuum already.  You MUST be warm first, and have started to move your body through it’s full range of motion BEFORE you join the class.  If you try and short cut that step, you will not benefit long term..  Come and catch the end of the brief if late, and then go make friends with the airbike and a lunge flow.

Here it is again, if you’re rusty…….

Then of course you should be hitting that CrossOver Symmetry system as well, especially prior to a day like today with overhead work and a high stability demand on your shoulders. I know it gets well used, as we seem to have a lot of bands snapping (I hope it’s due to well use…..), but we have replacements on the way, and here’s a reminder of the routine again for those who are new to it, or need a refresher.


3 Snatch Deadlift + 2 Hang Power Snatch + 1 Power snatch

EM x 12


10 Push Presses (barbell)


10 Situps

AMRAP 7 minutes



EM x 12

Min 1-2-3 at 60%

Min 4-5-6 at 70%

Min 7-8-9 at 80-85%

Min 10-11-12 @ 75-80%


15 GTOH 60/40kg

5 rounds of Cindy (5 pull, 10 push, 15 squat)


10min cap

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Paleo on Pennies…

Last week we talked about the rise of Pseudo Paleo, and how all the sugars from non sugar cane sources can fool people into thinking that their gluten free treats are one step removed from broccoli….. The other thing about Paleo treats is they are expensive!  So perhaps you can use the damage being to […]

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Hard work is a constant

The road to better fitness, optimal health and elite performance is a long one. There are many things that have to go right along the way, and many things you must do in order to ensure the best possible progress. Turning up, consistently is a good start. Listening to and learning from the coaches helps. […]

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Athlete Profile – Christina Wiggers

Chatting to yet another of our many Canadian friends today, Christina! She’s been with us a few months now, currently deep into her studies to be a chiropractor.  And I only just realised this, but she is also following a tradition of helping us keep the gym spic and span in return for coaching; which […]

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Pseudo Paleo

Did you know that there are about 50 different ways to label sugar on foods? And because ingredients must be listed in order of greatest quantity, savvy manufacturers are able to ‘dilute’ the amount of sugar there appears to be in a product by splitting it into 3-4 different types of sugar and listing them […]

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PR week is coming

We’re nearing the end of our current training cycle. For those of you training in the FITNESS stream, the main lifts have been programmed at least 6 times – Back + Front Squat, Hang Power Clean + Snatch, Press and Pullups, as well as some Pushpress, and Deadlifts; and hopefully you’ve been adding a smidgen […]

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PR every week

We’re into week 9 of our current training cycle.  In the Fitness programming, we have been prescribing a little more weight each week on the barbell lifts. That means we should see your name on the PR board, up to 4 x a month!! So what if it’s for the same lift and only 1 […]

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Don’t think so hard…

One of the things I love about working with CrossFitters, is their willingness to do more, listen better, analyse their performance further, and try harder. But sometimes that can backfire. I see a lot of what we call paralysis by analysis – where the whole concept of training and nutrition is completely overthought, to the […]

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Coach Profile – Lesa Komor

I know you all know our coaching intern and kids coach Lesa, but do you REALLY know her?  We got Fred to dig deep with some special questions….. You have such amazing style-nails and shoe/shirt matching etc. who is your style icon? Hahaha…thanks! I don’t have a style icon. I see something I like and […]

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Low kicks have no defense……

When I was a teenager, I practiced Kung Fu for many years. And I thought I was really good! We practiced tons of different strikes, including many jumping, spinning, turning, twisting, superhigh kicks. Unfortunately, all those flashy movements meant I was rubbish at actually fighting……..  I didn’t have the basics down pat, as I spent […]

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Constantly varied businessess……

One of the interesting things about the rapid growth of CrossFit is the growth of all the businesses that CrossFitters like to shop at. Our very own Kaz and Pure Delish is one of the very first examples. Then you have equipment companies like Industrial Athletic, paleo meals from Feed Me, and real food from […]

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10 years of Real Fitness

This weekend we celebrated CFNZ’s 7th birthday.  It was fantastic to have such a big crowd come out to party, from brand new members to founding members, to a few visitors from our sister gym RCF09.   Way back in 2008 we opened NZ’s very first CrossFit affiliate.  And we had the whole year to […]

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Get a grip…..

On deadlift days, high rep barbell, DB or KB movements, and workouts containing pullups or toes to bar; do you ever find that your grip is the limiting factor?  You’re trucking along, heart rate is steady, breathing under control, but you just can’t hold on to the damn bar….. The number one piece of advice […]

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Coach Profile – Olly Neems

Now of course all of you know Olly, our senior coaching intern, he’s been a big part of this gym for years!  But do you REALLY know him??? Finally, we lift the mysterious veil on what makes this big tall drink of water tick. What brought you to the fabulous box we know as Crossfit […]

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Weekend warriors work harder

Are you a professional athlete? Semi-professional? What about a really really dedicated amateur? Chances are, those of you reading this blog are more likely of the weekend warrior variety fitness enthusiast.  Infinitely more dedicated and focused on your health and performance goals than the average gym-goer.  BUT, unlike the pro athlete, you also have to […]

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June 8 Review/Preview

Morgan, Joelene and Lesieli repped the gyms at CFET’s Duets competition on Saturday, with Morgan and Jo coming in 2nd place in the Rx divsion.  Great to see an event that demanded lots of cooperation and strategy from the athletes, it was great to watch.  Well done ladies! This Saturday is our Battle Royale in […]

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Kaz – Pure Delish, pure awesome.

Hi everyone its Kaz, if some of you have been wondering where I have been over the last few weeks, as it is extremely rare for me to be ever away from my happy place for more than a few days……About 6 weeks ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer and a week and a […]

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Mobility, start a routine…

Around the time that I started down the physical fitness road that led me to CrossFit NZ, I was living in Canada, working as a hardwood floor layer from 7am-7pm.  I also had a 30mins cycle commute to start off the day (in the snow, uphill both ways of course…. :), so it meant my […]

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Athlete of the Month – Andrew Park

Today we’re talking with Andrew Park.  Andrew joined us from CrossFit Canterbury after a move to Auckland for work, and on the first day we had Olympic lifting on the menu, both coaches and members alike were in awe of his natural movement and beautiful squat!!  Formerly an Arvo Assassin in the 430pm classes, he’s […]

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The most important part of the workout.

It depends somewhat….  But most people mistakenly think the metcon.  So much so that it’s often referred to as the WOD, when the WOD is really the entire class including drills, skills, strength, metcon and cooldown. If you’re running late, and you have to jump into class, what are you tempted to skip? The drills, […]

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