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Control yourself

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“If you cannot move your body and control it, then what business do you have moving other objects?”

- Ido Portal

Wednesday’s strength session was a circuit of simple, static bodyweight holds.  In every class, after the first round, everyone started to puff a little, and make a bit of noise…… yes, including me!  These things are hard work, and are very beneficial.  But they don’t always seen to hold the same ‘cool factor’ as the movements they lead to (handstand pushups, pullups, ring dips, muscle ups) or traditional weighted movements with barbells and kettlebells.

Are you kidding me?!  Static strength is awesome!!

Just a little static strength needed here.....

Just a little static strength needed here…..

“Don’t add strength to dysfunction.”

- Gray Cook

Yet another pearl of wisdom.   What we could take from both of the above quotes, is the advice that a movement, done poorly, is only going to get worse if we increase the range of motion, and/or add loading to it.

Want a huge deadlift?  Can you perform an empty bar good morning with a rigid spine?  Single leg Romanians?  Heavy Russian swings?

Desperately want a muscle up?  How is your false grip hang?  Your ring dip support?  Your hollow rock?  Your strict TTB?

Wondering why back squats are so tough, yet pistols, lunges, and wallballs crush you?  The clues are there.


1. 15 TTB or Slamballs
2. Max Burpees
4. 15 Thrusters or Wallballs
5. Max cal Row/Bike
EM x 30
Score is total of burpees and cals.

4 x 100m Sled Drag not for time.

(team up and take turns.)

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Technique is important, but… intensity…

Intensity.. The secret of CrossFit.  By Coach Krista Here at CFNZ your safety and well being are our number one priority. When you start training with us we take it slow, work on your technique, tidy up motor control, and improve mobility, all in a private coaching environment so we can move at YOUR pace. […]

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How much life is in your years?

It’s not the years in your life…..it’s the life in your years…. Heard that quote before? Chatting with a fellow traveller at brunch today, it was fun to reminise about the good old days.  Sometimes it’s quite amazing to realise how much I’ve done.  Of course, I’m not in the slightest bit satisfied, but I […]

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Are you a natural?

  After my childhood dalliance with gymnastics, and before my adult career in CrossFit,  the only sport I was really involved in during my more formative teenage years, was martial arts.  And as such, I have carried a lot of the lessons I learned into my mindset, attitude, and behaviour. One of the things that […]

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Warm up by falling down

It’s a point of pride here to not only vary the workouts on a regular basis, but to keep introducing new movements through our warmups as well. Basic tumbling drills find their way into the warmups from time to time. Do you hate when that happens, or can’t wait to embrace your inner Nadia Comaneci? […]

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The Russians win….

Overhead Kettlebell Swings (also known as American or CrossFit swings) are a difficult movement. Difficult to perform.   (And, apparently, difficult to judge.)  The Russian version is the easiest to learn, is great for high rep posterior chain work, and has little demand on shoulder range of motion, vs the American swing which needs excellent […]

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To scale or not to scale…..

Work/time = Power = Fitness In other words do more work in less time. But work = force x distance. I know the distance isn’t a problem, given the amazing range of motion and standard of movement everyone demonstrates on the daily… However, force is sometimes, another matter. If speed becomes the only concern, sometimes […]

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A rising tide…

The 2016 Reebok CrossFit Games is finishing up today.  Once again, the sport has reached new levels, with individual athletes tackling 14 events over 5 days. And every time you think the organisers may have gone too far, a few athletes step up and make it look like child’s play….. I remember watching the 2009 […]

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Losing your grip…?

On deadlift days, high rep barbell, DB or KB movements, and workouts containing pullups or toes to bar; do you ever find that your grip is the limiting factor?  You’re trucking along, heart rate is steady, breathing under control, but you just can’t hold on to the damn bar….. The number one piece of advice […]

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Coach profile – Jack Madden

Coach Jack is heading down to Hamilton next week to compete in the Taurus NZ Nationals competition. I realised that we hadn’t gotten around to interviewing one of the youngest athletes at the 2011 CrossFit Games Regionals, and now chiropractic student and coach at CFNZ. So without further ado, let’s see what makes him tick. […]

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Making Mobility Mandatory

Around the time that I started down the physical fitness road that led me to CrossFit NZ, I was living in Canada, working as a hardwood floor layer from 7am-7pm.  I also had a 30mins cycle commute to start off the day (in the snow, uphill both ways of course…. :), so it meant my […]

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Don’t let thinking get in the way of progress.

One of the things I love about coaching, is people’s willingness to do more, listen better, analyse their performance further, and try harder. But sometimes that can be overdone. I see a lot of what we call paralysis by analysis – where the whole concept of training and nutrition is completely overthought, to the point […]

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It’s a long road

I don’t think the Rambo theme song was talking about better fitness, optimal health and high performance, but either way, it is a long one. There are many things that have to go right along the way, and many things you must do in order to ensure the best possible progress. Turning up, consistently is […]

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Coaching is a positive feedback loop

Something I emphasise to people interested in joining our community, is coachability. If you think about it, the majority of us grow up in an environment where the only instruction we receive brings resentment or resistance with it.  Even if it’s good advice, our nature, and/or the stage of development we’re in at the time, […]

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Pricey Paleo…

When I’m speaking at gyms about nutrition, I often hear that it’s expensive to eat more real food. I get it, despite not having kids myself, I was one once, and I feel terrible for how hard my parents had to work to keep my bottomless stomach full…. But expense is also an excuse often […]

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Failure is inevitable, so why fear it?

That might sound like the negative rhetoric from some world weary old soul, who hasn’t had a lot go right in their life. But we’re not talking negative vs positive here. Instead, it’s a fact that striving for constant improvement in physical performance, means failure is a matter of when not if.  It’s going to […]

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Nutrition – we can all agree can’t we?

“we need grains for energy/fibre” “red meat is bad for you” “paleo doesn’t work for me” Just a few of the nutrition related comments I have heard recently. Scroll through any Facebook post about food and you’ll see an argument brewing within the first half dozen comments.  And that’s just from the armchair nutritionists, let […]

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Warm up like a race car

So, thanks to all the plastic we collected from Kohi Beach yesterday, we’re having an unusually warm winter!! But it’s finally getting a bit damp and cold. So be sure to get the body ready to go before you start training. If Scott Dixon took his million dollar ride out on the track at Daytona […]

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Mobility in life..

We talk about mobility a lot, how important it is. You need adequate mobility, to move correctly, intensely and consistently, all the strength and endurance in the world wont help. But, there are more areas of life that we need mobility in. Forget about getting mobile enough for a muscle up or overhead squat. How about […]

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Black Swan Fitness

Black Swan is a term coined by Nassim Taleb; used to describe an event that causes a major impact, but comes as a total surprise, however afterwards, with the benefit of hindsight, it is often rationalised as being quite expected. Sounds a bit like CrossFit…. For some reason, when we start training at a place like CrossFit […]

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