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Consistency – the middle child of fitness


Mechanics, consistency, intensity.

If you’ve done a CrossFit coaching course, you’ll know this phrase inside out.  As a member of a CrossFit affiliate, you will have heard it during your first week of training, perhaps even on day one when you stopped by to get some information about joining!

The quick explanation of this statement, is that we must start by learning the correct technique of a movement first, then practice it, and finally, perform it with intensity.

However, it is generally the older child, that gets most of the attention.

Intensity is cool. Everyone loves to go hard, work hard, push hard.

The baby of the family, often gets attention too, but it’s only lip service.  Everyone certainly agrees that the baby is so cute! But they’re not really interested in doing anything with it. What are babies good for!?

This is something that often happens, plenty of talk about technique, but very little consistent practice of it.  Plenty of intensity, but at the expense of the other siblings.

It also applies to focus and effort.   It’s easy to APPEAR to be paying attention during the workout brief, but if your mind is still at work, you’re missing out on information crucial to better mechanics.

And although it may seem counter-intuitive to some, most people who are bought into fitness, have no problem with intensity.  They can push themselves very hard, thank you very much.

Listening consistently, training hard (and don’t forget that this is a relative level) consistently is what is hard.

My challenge to you, is, give the poor forgotten middle child of fitness some more attention……

Turn up 3-5 x week.

Switch on during technical aspects of coaching.

Spend more time drilling the basics than on advanced movements.

LOTS of time.

Be consistent.

[Don't forget, we're closed on Sunday and most of Monday for Labour Weekend, beat the traffic home and get along to our Monday evening session at 530pm]

Training October 16 – 21





5 Front Squats EM x 7 @ RPE 7-8


18 Air Squats

15 Overhead Situps 10/5kg

12 Lateral Step up Overs 50cm

9 Burpees

3 rounds for time



3 Back Squats EM x 7 @ RPE 7-8


18 Wallballs

15 TTB

12 Burpees

9 CTB Pull-ups

3 rounds for time




1. 8 Romanian Deadlift, building

2. 12 Box Jump Overs 60/50cm

3. 16 KB Hang Clean & Pushpress

Alt EM x 15


500/400m Row or 400m Run
35 American Swing 32/24kg
20/15 Pushups
E 7 M x 2





Split Squat

4 x 8/leg, heavy


Hanging Knee Raise

4 x 12


10 DB Rows 15/10kg

15 Wallballs 9/6kg

100m Suitcase Walk 32/24kg

AMRAP in 10mins


Double KB Front Rack Reverse Lunge

4 x 16, heavy


Skin the cats

4 x 3


20 OH Squat 60/40kg

1min OH Hold

20 Front Squat

2min Front Rack Hold

20 Back Squat

30m Loaded Bear Crawl 20/10kg







Alt EM x 16


In 5mins

100 Dubs/Singles

50 Situps


REST 3mins

In 5mins

200m Run

50 Slamballs 9/6kg (or Hanging Knee raises)

AMRAP Dubs/singles

Girl Friday – retest from March 31




Power Clean + Jerk

Build to a heavy 1.1.1



30 Ground to shoulder to overhead



‘Grace Deconstructed’

3 Deadlifts

3 Hang Power Cleans


AMRAP in 6mins @ 60% of A


Power Snatch or Power Clean

Build to a technically sound TnGo 3


Grace (C&J) or Isabel (Snatch)

30 reps GTOH 61/42.5kg

If possessing a sub 3min time for Rx Grace or Isabel, athlete may like to try Heavy Grace or Isabel @ up 75-85% of 1RM Power C&J or Power Snatch.




Front Squat

Build to a heavy 3 in 15mins


Bar Muscle up tech

  • Jump to hollow

  • Hollow arch

  • Hollow arch to straight arm pull


400m Run

20 Front Squats 50/35kg

10 Burpee Bar Muscle ups (or Burpee Box Vaults)

4 rounds for time in teams of 2

* ‘You go, I go’

C. ‘Beach Muscles….’

5 DB Curls

5 DB Pushups

5 Weighted Situps (DB on chest)

AMRAP in 5mins

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Heavy weights may not make you stronger

We have a guest post from Coach Krista today! You may have noticed that in general the FITNESS track perform more reps than PERFORMANCE for most strength based exercises. One reason for this is to allow you to get the right stimulus for your ‘training age’,  ie. how long you have been doing consistent strength […]

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Just. Forging Average Fitness.

It was so great to hear some of you talking on Saturday about the big performance goals you had for the end of the year. Way back during my first years in the fitness industry, part of my role was to sit down with gym members to write them a new program every 8 weeks. […]

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Shout Out – Emma Fairnie

Emma Fairnie can hit a golf ball pretty darn good.   As a pro-coach down at the Institute of Golf, she can also teach YOU how to do that.  It would be a great idea with summer coming up, for you to book a session or two with her, and get your swing sorted. We […]

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Training Thoroughbreds

Baseline testing kicks off this week! We’ll be consolidating all this strength, you’ve been building, and converting it into stamina. Tap N go movement for those who are comfortable/ready for it, barbell and KB complexes, heavier, higher output metcons etc. Paired with this will be more gymnastics, but starting to bring a little more kipping […]

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A slow CrossFitter…

It’s Reset Week!  Absolutely phenomenal work from you all during PR Week, so now it’s time to enjoy your progress, focus on just coming to the gym on the days you intended, and training for movement quality and the sheer enjoyment of using your body. It’s a great week to repost this from Coach Fred. […]

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The Bear – PR Week

Ok team, it’s time to see the results of your hard work over this last programming block.  Remember to get yourself logged in on Wodify and get all scores entered accurately (make accurate notes on all adjustments) for the retest. Please do your absolute best this week to get in early enough to warm up […]

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Mastery vs Masters

Great to watch the mature athletes throwing down at the NZ Masters competition on the weekend. Every year, there are more people getting involved, especially in the older classes, which is so good to see. There’s never any shortage of high intensity and brutal strength on display. Typically not too much skill however….. Now, that’s […]

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A little potential goes a long way

On a recent flight, faced with a complete lack of decent entertainment choice, I picked a movie with an interesting premise, but terrible execution, don’t waste your time on it… Lucy, involved a woman who after ingesting an overdose of a designer narcotic, was able to tap into all of her brain’s capacity. Homo Sapiens […]

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The CrossFitting Dad

Very proud to introduce a Father’s Day guest post this evening from Nick Jones! Nick currently trains out of RCF09, initially over at CFNZ.  Thanks for the input Nick, and well done on the thought and effort you’ve put into being an example to your son. _____________________________________________ This Father’s Day has me reflecting. It’s the […]

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Playing it safe

Talking to a couple of our newest members recently, and the same phrase came up with them…. It was along the lines of, ‘this is actually nothing like what I thought it was going to be!!’ Which was to say, not as scary, not as extreme, not as DANGEROUS as they thought, or had heard […]

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No fun

It’s kind of weird when you think about what exercise actually is. In order for our bodies to stay healthy, we need to PRETEND to hunt animals, gather berries, lift wood and carry water. Despite it being the 21st Century, they’re unfortunately still wired to do all that caveman stuff, so as nice as it […]

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Weak ‘whys’ wont work

It was an amazing experience to be behind the scenes at The CrossFit Games, working alongside elite athletes and other coaches. Watching the excitement of Day 1, slowly morph into the determined grind of Day 3 and 4 was interesting. What drives these people to push so hard?  To sacrifice so much? The winners check […]

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No train(ing history), no gain

If there’s one thing I like better than writing blog posts…. it’s when our members write blog posts! Always good to get some perspective from the community, and today Blair Smith is talking to you about our workout tracking system, and that old chestnut, “knowledge is power” YOU GOT TO BELIEVE TO ACHIEVE. Wodify, it […]

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Work WITH your horse

We took a horse back tour on our trip to Menorca. Krista has 12 years of experience in the saddle. I, despite growing up a farm and being around horses daily, have exactly ZERO. So obviously, our approaches were dramatically different. She had a more spirited horse, whereas I was given what in industry terms […]

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Jack out…

The Fitbit, one of last years most popular Christmas gifts. Track your daily activity, your exercise, and your sleep! It can actually be really interesting to do this.  I have been doing a couple of months of step tracking after realising that my day outside of exercise had gotten a little bit lifeless…. I did […]

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Mobility mornings

Back when I first started down the physical fitness road that eventually led me to opening CrossFit NZ, I was living in Canada, working as a hardwood floor layer from 7am-7pm.  I also had a 30min cycle commute to start off the day (in the snow, uphill, both ways of course…. :), so it meant […]

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On being average

Becoming elite in anything is an incredible achievement. Becoming average is potentially an even bigger deal! That may not make sense but bear with me. An average athlete might claim similar stats to these (give or take) Overhead Squat 3/4 x bodyweight Deadlift 2 x body weight. 5/2 strict pull-ups. 800m run <3:30min 2km row […]

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If fitness was like iceskating.

One of the things I love about the way we coach and train, is how objective it is. We have movement standards, range of motion demands, and work output measurements with everything we do. If you didn’t squat low enough, the rep doesn’t count. If you didn’t hit the wall above the height line, the […]

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A cushy little number…

Life that is. Our society doesn’t have much in the way of discomfort anymore. Our advanced intellect and mastery of technology has allowed us to create so many labour saving devices, incredible feats of engineering and medical marvels that the most uncomfortable situations we encounter these days would have our grandparents ROTFLOL at us. Functional […]

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