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Autumn Training Cycle


Yesterday we started a new phase of training.  It’s going to last 12 weeks, with some retesting at the end, of the benchmarks we set last week.

You’ll also get a chance to do some of our other benchmark workouts, setting some more baselines to retest later in the year, and it’s kicking off with Mays Girl Friday (Nancy) this week!

Nothing is going to change too drastically as far as daily training goes.  But expect to see;

- skill work alternated with strength work to allow a greater volume of practice.

- more accessory work and less conditioning to assist with strength gains, structural balance and injury proofing.

- simpler conditioning pieces to allow focus on pure engine development without technique limitations.

- The addition of an Afterburn class option on Thursday.  This aerobic power training has been very popular on Sundays, so now you can get your sweaty fix on Thursday too.  Remember, rachet the intensity down to 60% for a fantastic active recovery day.  The normally gymnastic heavy Thursday will be absorbed into the rest of the week, to allow a greater practice frequency,  but there will be a strength and power based metcon that day to contrast the Afterburn session.

Why do we call it Afterburn?  Well it sounds better than Max Aerobic Power training for a start……  and that’s what happens after a session, your metabolism is cranking for hours afterwards!  Now hopefully you have all learned by now that strength training is far more important for a healthy body composition than cardio, but if you need to get your sweat on, then this is the way to do it….

The FITNESS programming will follow a simple linear strength cycle.  This means that we’ll be striving to add a little more weight to to the bar every time.  Each week, the particular strength movement will be on the next day of the following week.  Eg, Back Squat today, so it will be on Wednesday next week, and Friday the week after.

Back Squats will be 3 x 10, Front Squats 3 x 5, Press 3 x 8 and Pushpress 3 x 5.

If you’ve been training less than 9-12months, this is the cycle for you.   Anything above that, you could consider the Performance cycle, but it’s hard to beat a simple straightforward progression; just putting a little more weight on the bar each week.

PERFORMANCE get more of an undulating cycle, the rep scheme will rotate between the exercises, so you wont hit the same rep scheme again for about 4-5 weeks.  Eg, Back Squat is 3 x 10 today, next Wednesday it will be 4 x 8, the following Friday 5 x 6, and Monday after that 6 x 4.

No matter which version you perform, you’ll need to keep good records and ensure you are working to your full potential every set.


Back Squat

3 x 10, building

Rope Climb

3 x 1


1000m Row

40 Goblet Walking Lunges

20 Russian Swings


Back Squat

3 x 10, all heavy

Rope Climb

3 x 1-2


1000m Row

20 Overhead Reverse Lunges 45/30kg

40 Russian Swings 32/24kg

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Are you a resume or eulogy athlete?

Stumbled across this great article today….and thought of how it tied in to our training, our personal goals and community. It’s quite natural for us to be drawn to the best performances in the gym, the biggest weights lifted, the most reps done and the fastest moved.  But of course, all the while that is […]

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Athlete Profile – Michelle Cranney

Todays profile is on Michelle Cranney. She officially started with us 4 months ago. She admits to officially embracing the CrossFit life (it seems it runs in the family…). She is feeling fitter and loving it! Whenever I see Michelle stroll through the door, she looks ready to take on whatever workout stands before her, […]

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Setting goals and getting after them….

Autumn can be a bit of a lull as far as your training intensity and enthusiasm goes.  The post Open blues have probably not faded yet, the New Years resolutions are a distant memory, and the end of daylight savings has got you thinking more about hibernation than ramping up your training. But if you […]

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Listening – a valuable CrossFit skill

As we move another day into our baseline testing, I thought a replay of this post from last year was a good idea.  We know it’s got to be tough dragging your butts in here before sunrise, or dragging them in here after a long day of stressful work.  It’s awesome that you choose to […]

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Autumn Arsekicking

Autumn Arsekicking starts today!!  Don’t worry, you haven’t missed a crucial email…. if you’re unsure of what’s going on, we’ll catch you up this week.  It’s been deliberately left vague, so that no one has to worry, all you have to do is turn up this week and work hard!    There will be a […]

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Saturday 18 April

WORKOUT Every 6mins, in any order, complete each task for time. 1. 800m Run 2. 1000/800m Row 3. 50 Burpee Box Jumps (Burpees) 4. 200m Sled Drag 5. 10 Thrusters/Wallballs 10 CTB/PU/TTB/Slams 3 rounds 6. 100 KB Swings/Russians

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Virtuosity – a fancy word for ‘do it properly’

Most people discover their passion CrossFit through the thrill of racing the clock.  It’s fun, no doubt about it, but we often program conditioning pieces that are NFT – Not For Time.   What’s that all about? Well sometimes it’s not all about the speed.  I know it seems like sacrilege not to race the […]

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April Athlete of the Month – Shane Harkness

CFNZ turns 7 this year!!  How long have you been a member? If only I knew about this 7 years ago!!!!! I walked through the doors in December last year and finished my intro mid January so I’m tucking into my 4th month with CFNZ (still a real newbie!) What made you wander through that […]

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Lessons from The Open

This CrossFit stuff….. it’s all a bit of a big experiment really…. We’ve been studying exercise physiology, biomechanics and programming philosophy for decades, but the complexities of the human animal are still surprising us. In 2009, at The CrossFit Games, I watched 16 men, and (I think, only 1 woman) clock the deadlift ladder, 20 […]

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Pullups – basics are best

Pullups…a staple favourite in any CrossFit workout.  A fantastic movement to build upper body strength and also a great conditioning tool, when performed with a kip (once the individual is ready for it of course…..). Kipping is the most common form of pullup you’ll see in most CrossFit gyms, this requires the use of the […]

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Monday 13 April – the week ahead

Next week we’re kicking off Autumn Arsekicking. 12 weeks of structured lifting, skill practice, and benchmark metcons. Hang on, isn’t that what we always do…..? Well yeah, but this time we’re holding you a little more accountable. 1. A goal.  Time to update that off the cuff, random task you scribbled under your photo on […]

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Saturday 11 April

FITNESS 7 DB Hang Power Clean 7 OH Situps AMRAP in 5mins Rest 3mins 7 DB Front Squat 7 Renegade Row AMRAP 5min Rest 3mins 7  DB Power Clean 7 Burpee AMRAP in 5mins PERFORMANCE 7  Hang Power Clean (50-55% of Power Clean) 7 Box Jumps 60/50cm AMRAP in 5mins Rest 3mins 7 Hang Squat […]

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Getting up, Turkish styles

Ahh, the Turkish Get Up (TGU), holding a heavy kettlebell overhead, and then standing up with it….. so simple.  I don’t get why so many people dislike such a great tool for strengthening the shoulders.  Is it because it take so long to do a rep? Is it because there are too many steps to […]

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Coach Profile – Morgan Schaeffer

We’re talking to Morgan Schaeffer today – our token American (you need one to make your CrossFit gym legit don’t you know…  She hails from Las Vegas  but has been training with us for years now at CFNZ, was on the Regionals team in 2013 and runs our kids program at both gyms.  We can […]

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That’s not CrossFit…

One of the most interesting criticisms levelled at CrossFit, is that “no one actually trains like CrossFit.com says anymore.” This is often in reference to people like Rich Froning and other top athletes regularly working out multiple times per day, vs a typical day of programming from the HQ website, that may only have one […]

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Tuesday 7 April

FITNESS DB Bench Press 5 x 8-12 reps Single Leg Romanians 5 x 8 reps e/leg Weighted Situps 5 x 8-12 reps Tabata Intervals DB Snatch Burpees PERFORMANCE Ring Dips 5 x max reps – 2 Single Leg Romanians 5 x 6 reps e/leg Strict TTB/Dragon Flags 5 x 5-8 reps Tabata Intervals Slamballs Burpees

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March Athlete of the Month

March’s Athlete of the Month is Tammy Hume!  Tammy has been a part of our community for over two years alongside her husband Pete, with some time off in there while she made an addition to the family….. I can still remember Tammy in her Fundamentals program, she was incredibly driven and focused (is that […]

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Regularly learn and play new sports….

The final sentence in Greg Glassmans classic “Fitness in 100 Words“, it is so often the part that is ignored. Listening to a recent podcast with CrossFit coach and mobiity guru, Kelly Starrett, he mentioned observing elite CrossFit athletes during free time.. they would always be up for playing some sort of physical game, whether […]

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Barbell Etiquette

You may have noticed, that we have some new barbells in the gym… These beauties are hot from the Industrial Athletic store, the mens bar is called The Nitro, and the ladies bar, The Iron Maiden, which will make you feel even MORE awesome about yourself the next time you’re lifting heavy.. Of course, the […]

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