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Weightlifting methods


In every aspect of life we see competition –  When I was doing my masters thesis, there was our lab and the others that believed lactate was good and had all the research to back it up, and then numerous other labs who said that lactate was bad, also with plenty of legit looking research to back up their claims.

We also have Holdens vs Ford, Iphone vs Galaxy, Nike vs Adidas vs Reebok……  is one better than the other, or are they just different?

In Olympic weightlifting, there are different camps on lifting technique.

You’ll hear of the catapult method vs triple extension method.

And those who are in one camp, think that those who are in the other camp, are wrong…

Triple extenders think that the catapulters whack the bar with their hips to generate more power, catapulters think that triple extenders encourage pushing with the toes to finish the second pull, stomp the feet hard, vs not so hard, and so on and so on…..

But just like Holdens and Fords (this might get me in trouble now…..), they’re all the same thing really…..

There are far more similarities between Holdens and Fords, than there are differences.


How a snatch really happens……

The things that all lifting methods promote are:

- keeping the bar close to the body.

- hook grip!

- standing all the way up, before getting under the bar as fast as you bloody well can.

The cues your coaches use, or the ones you read about or hear other coaches use, may be different, but are usually intended to accomplish the same thing.

“Hips to the bar!”

You may hear that one from time to time.  We might also say, “close!” and “squeeze!”.  Both can achieve the same goal of minimising space between you and the barbell.

As a student of weightlifting, don’t make the mistake of choosing a camp (although it’s a universal truth that Holdens ARE better, and lactate IS good for us), instead try to learn from all the camps, and don’t get hung up on what may seem like an irreconcilable difference, in the end they are all trying to get the bar over your head.



Front Squat 3 x 5, building


12 Slamballs

12 Wallballs

AMRAP in 7mins



Front Squat 3 x 5, all heavy


7 minute ascending ladder of:

Front Squats 60/40kg

Toes to Bar

3-6-9……. etc

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Open Gym, Remote Programming, Nutrition Challenge

OPEN GYM Just a reminder to Full Timers that we have Open Gym access in our new room any time it’s free (Currently in use Mon 4pm, Wed 4pm, 7pm, Thu 6pm).  We’ll have a dedicated schedule set up for you soon.  It’s your place to practice some skillz, or perhaps some dedicated extra programming from […]

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Tuesday 15 April

Yesterday we started a new phase of training.  It’s going to last 13 weeks, including a slight deload in the middle and at the end. The FITNESS programming will follow a simple linear strength cycle.  This means that we’ll be striving to add a little more weight to to the bar every time.  Each week, […]

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Sunday 13 April

A. Work up to a heavy stone/deadball lift to both shoulders with good form. Then, 20 reps for time/quality with a lighter ball. B. Max Aerobic Power.  Keep intensity at <70% for recovery 1. 4/3 cal Airbike 5 Push ups AMRAP in 5mins Rest 3mins 2. 40 Single skips 10 Walking lunges AMRAP in 5mins […]

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Saturday 12 April

Easter and Anzac Hours Friday 18th – 915am only Saturday 19th – 930am only Sunday – no classes Monday 21st – 915am and 5pm Anzac Day Friday 25th – 915am only Saturday 26th – 730am 830am only Sunday 27th – 9am class, 10am yoga WORKOUT 5 Hang Clean to thruster 60/40kg 50m OH Walk 20/10kg […]

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Friday 11 April – Barbell Etiquette

You should have noticed by now, that we have a new batch of bumper plates in the gym… (or else you are worried that you have lost the ability to see colour…..) These beauties are hot from the Industrial Athletic store, made of recycled rubber, so that we can feel all good about our save […]

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Thursday 10 April

Caught up with Zane Marshall in the gym yesterday for a quick chat about his experience with CrossFit NZ so far. How long have you been training with us? 4months Do you or did you play any sports? Rep hockey for many years. How did you hear about us? Couple of friends in London who […]

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Wednesday 9 April

I generally like my music cranking during my workout, and I’m guessing this is the general preference among a lot of you at the gym. It seems to create a bit of an atmosphere and provides a bit of a kick-start, particularly on days when, for whatever reason, an extra boost is needed. Think Monday mornings for example! The ergogenic (performance enhancing) effects […]

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Tuesday 8 April

Coach Development Program According to US News & World Report, one of the top trends in the fitness industry for 2014 is educated, certified, and experienced fitness professionals.  Statistics from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics project that personal training jobs are expected to grow by 24% between 2010 and 2020. That kind of growth […]

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Monday April 7

It’s PR Week at Crossfit NZ! We’re testing all the major lifts, exercises, and benchmarks. See how you stack up, then set goals for the rest of the year!

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Sunday 6 April

MAX AEROBIC POWER/RECOVERY A. 3 SDHP 6 Sit ups 60sec of work/30sec of rest x 3 B. Airdyne (cal) 60sec of work/30sec of rest x 3 C. 3 Goblet Squats 6 Hand to Hand Russian Swings 60sec of work/30sec of rest x 3 D. Row (cal) 60sec of work/30sec of rest x 3 2 Rounds […]

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Saturday 5 April

PARTNER WOD Run 800m together 60 KB Swing 24/16kg Run 800m together 50 Burpee Box Jump Overs 60/50cm Run 800m together 40 2 for 1 Wallball 9/6kg – lots of scaling options available as always

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Friday – Open Wrap Up

And that’s The Open for another year. For the first time since 2010, we don’t have a team going to the Regionals.  Not for lack of trying, the team busted their butts, lots of repeated workouts, sore bodies and tired minds.  So much contribution from the entire community, I counted 10 people that put up […]

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Thursday 3 April

We’re talking to Ryan Simchowitz today folks.  Ryan has been with us at CFNZ for a couple of years now, and just recently he’s moved to RCF09 due to his living closer.  But he still drops in at NZ for a workout now and then.    As a young guy from a running background, he […]

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Wednesday 2 April – Tough Mudder

Tough Mudder is coming up at the end of the month!  We have almost 20 people entered, and another 10 from RCF09 as well, it’s going to be a heck of a test, but a lot of fun. They say knowledge is power, and so is preparation, so on Sunday we had the benefit of […]

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Tuesday 1 April – Gymnastics

Gymnastics – why are they important and why do we incorporate them quite so much into our drills and skills? I love this topic! I started really getting into gymnastics, and incorporating them more into my own training since my knee injury last year, because I found this was the one area I could still […]

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Monday 31 March

Still gathering my thoughts from the awesomeness that was The Open this year.   I will write more on it this week, and we’ll announce our Sectionals winners. Every year, it seems to get tougher, and I have a moment where I wonder if it’s too much for the average CrossFitter. And every year I […]

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Saturday 29 March

It’s a showdown at CFNZ today!  At 10am top NZ athletes John Templeton and James Connew (currently tied on the leaderboard for 31st place)  are going to throwdown 14.5 and see who gets to claim bragging rights. We’ve also got other top NZ athletes, Bailey Rodgers, Kevin Manuel, Nicola Hanna, and RCF09s own Joelene Neville […]

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Friday 28 March

Why do we work the Oly lifts from the hang so much? It’s programmed 9 times out of 10 for the Fitness programming, and frequently for Performance as well.  Why would we do this when the lift itself must start from the ground to count? The Olympic lifts are highly technical movements, mastering them takes […]

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Thursday 27 March

We’re talking with Andrew Pearson this week!!  Thanks for the interview Olly. Don’t forget tonight at 6pm, our new M3 class – Movement, Midline and Mobility. Friday night 530pm, our last Open strategy session. Saturday morning, 14.5 (with some of the Regions top 48 joining us to throw down!!) followed by an early breakfast/late lunch […]

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