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Strength – a lifelong pursuit


As anyone who has trained here for a while has realised, we utilise the barbell in our training in a major way.

Strength is one of the components of fitness that take the longest to develop, thus we spend a lot of time on it.

After that initial honeymoon period when you pick up a barbell for the first time and make amazing progress for months on end, PR’ing almost every time you come in the gym, you will find progress tapering off.  Now you have to work hard if you want to get your name up on that PR Board!

One of the things you can do to help those PR’s along, is your approach to the bar.

We’ve talked in the past about your set up ritual.  Whenever you set up to perform an exercise, make all the steps leading to your start position and actual lift  consistent and correct. We want this to be second nature so that  you don’t cloud your mind with details about where your feet go, how the bar feels in your hand or exactly when you’ll take in that last breath. This will also mean you can confidently focus all your attention on effort.

The mindset you have as you set up to start the lift is also very important.

It’s just you against the barbell, so if you go into the pre lift ritual doubting your ability, you aren’t doing yourself any favours right?

Get psyched, get confident, even get a little angry. No, please don’t ask me to slap you around the head, that is a little TOO hyped up….  but do I see quite a lot of this at lifting meets.

Every time you lift something heavy at the gym it’s you against the weight.  If you doubt yourself, the weight will win.

So trust your technique, be a little cocky, believe in yourself!  And win the fight!

REP YOUR CLASS WITH THE MILLION KG CHALLENGE.  Record your training volume each day, and the first class to reach the 7 figure mark gets breakfast on us.  Sets x reps x weight lifted, a bit of math to work on after your physical culture….. :)



5 x 5, building

10 DB Row
10 DB Power Cleans
15 Situps

AMRAP in 7 mins

Strict Pullups
5 x 5
5 x 5

10 Pushpress
10 Burpee Box Jump Over
10 Russian Swing
Rest 1min
5 rounds

Hang Power Clean + Power Clean (+ Front Squat)

10 Slamballs
15 Wallballs
20 cal Row
AMRAP in 8mins

Deadball Shoulder + Offset Lunge(Squat)



Hang Squat Snatch
3 x 3, building
3 x 1.1.1, building

5 Power Snatches 60/40kg
10 TTB
15 Pushups
3 rounds

5-10 EM x 10

25 Wall Balls 9/6kg
50 Double Unders
Rest 1min
5 rounds

Hang Squat Clean + Squat Clean
- build to a heavy set

3 Power Clean 80/55kg
6 Ring Dips
9 Box Jumps 75/60cm
12 KB Swings 24/16kg
AMRAP in 8mins

Back Squat
3 x 3

Girl Friday

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Don’t just jump into it….

Are you planning on participating in The Open? With the exception of last year, there have been box jumps every time.  About 15 reps per round,  7-12 rounds worth. That’s around 150 high force impacts to the foot, achilles and calf musculature. But this isn’t just another click bait article telling you that box jumps […]

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Pursue Mastery

Nick Jones, super intern, sent me a cool link to 10 books every coach should read.   I was glad to see that out of the 10,  I’ve either read them, or read a similar text.  One of the similar ones I’ve been reading, is the book Mastery, by George Leonard. Drawing on Zen philosophy and his training […]

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The Open, it’s back….

So what is this Open thing that people are starting to talk about?? The Open is the first step in qualifying for the CrossFit Games. “Oh but that’s not me” I hear you say……….. however, this first step is designed to be as accessible as possible to as many people as possible. The CrossFit Games state […]

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With Performance comes great responsibility….

Our two streams of programming allows a couple of things to happen. One is that people new to strength training, functional movement and/or high intensity exercise, are able to progress rapidly with a smaller pool of our most productive yet easy to learn exercises via the FITNESS programming Two, in our PERFORMANCE programming, you are […]

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Are you into resolutions?

So if last week was the ACTUAL first week of the year, this week tends to be the first OFFICIAL week of the year, with many of us back to work after some well deserved time off.  I hope you all are feeling relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated for some great training this year.  Have you […]

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Is perfect possible?

Earlier this year, I re-qualified my L1, as is required every 5 years to stay current.  I must have slipped through the net, as I somehow made it almost 7 years before the call up…. Anyway, I was reminded of something I picked up at the very first course, way back in 2008. When coaching […]

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How often should I train??

I saw a recent blog post from a company that specialises in logging workouts online for CrossFitters. They have data from hundreds of thousands of workouts, and from this they often put out some interesting graphs and hypotheses. They found that working out 5 days per week resulted in a 27% faster improvement in fitness […]

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Member of the year – Samantha Fitch

Last weekend at our annual pre-Xmas gathering, we had our traditional awards ceremony.  Pared down this year, mostly to ensure less talking from me, and more champagne drinking from you, one award we certainly weren’t leaving out was our member of the year. Dedicated to someone who personifies what it is to train at CrossFit […]

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Annual awards

Wow, this year has certainly flown by. It was fantastic to hang out with so many of you on Saturday and celebrate your achievements, and enjoy our community. A huge shout out once again to Rob McPhee for his incredible generosity with all the amazing food. A few awards for a few stand out people […]

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“Lovin the programming…!”

That’s what I hear from someone…..almost every single week…… (sometimes it’s the same person…. eh Dave… But it’s rare that I’ve done anything different.  Sure, I’m constantly working to improve it, tinkering, tweaking, speaking to some of the finest coaching minds on the planet, experimenting, failing, learning…. But no matter the exact content, the principles […]

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Retesting Time

Nine weeks ago, we worked our way through a fortnight of strength, skill and conditioning tests.  You’ve all been training hard, the lighter mornings and evenings really help to fire up that enthusiasm.  Check back through your records, (or look at the week of 28 September online), and let’s bombard the Brag Board with PRs. […]

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Not feeling it? Just get the warm up done…

Some days, if you’re not feeling it, you can procrastinate about going to the gym.  If you do manage to make it to the gym, you still might fluff about, maybe convincing yourself that you should just go home instead. I was feeling this way in the gym today.  Coming back from a minor injury […]

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Easy Week

A great afternoon of competition on Saturday, thanks to Terry and Elaine from Head2Head Weightlifting. A twist on the old fashioned, slow moving Olympic style competition, H2H allows multiple lifts within an 8 minute period, and is based on personal PR’s; resulting in a faster paced, more exciting event, and most importantly, it allows athletes […]

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Coach Profile – Olly Neems

When did you start crossfitting? Was the start of 2012, Ray Kahukiwa and John Brown were on my intro as well,my brother had been rattling on to me for over 6 months about this awesome new way of working out, where everyone was super friendly, and I needed to go checkout CFNZ, the only place […]

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…..learn and play new sports…..

Those words are part of the classic “Fitness In 100 Words” from CrossFit founder Greg Glassman. Yet they are all too often the first ones that are forgotten, as people discover CrossFit, make amazing progress in their fitness, get hooked, enter their first fitness competition, and get even more hooked.  Now the training is the […]

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All the way.

As I was backing out of the driveway Saturday morning, I had to brake for a dozen women standing on the road. Turned out they were working out.  One foot was up on the curb, the other on the road, and they were split squatting approximately 10cm down, and back up. Now, I don’t have […]

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A weekend of competition and more to come…

It was all on this past weekend, people working hard but having fun.  This coming weekend we have another couple of bouts.  After morning classes on Saturday, our NZFL team have their final round, no in person challengers this time, so they’d love it if anyone from the gym was keen?  I think we can […]

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Your real CrossFit anniversary

With all the 3 year and 5 year membership awards I’ve been giving out lately, it’s made me think back to when these amazing members of our community first walked in through our doors.   All with different motivations and reasons for seeking us out.  All starting with varying levels of enthusiasm, confidence and fitness. […]

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Coach Profile – Fred Lait

Having a chat to one of our coaches today – Fred has been with us for some time now, but if you don’t train in the mornings, or have been in need of his excellent physical therapy skills, you might not have even met him! And that, my friends, is a crying shame.  His quiet […]

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