Schedule & Prices


Monday to Thursday 540am, 630am, 915am, 430pm, 530pm, 630pm

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 1215pm

Friday 540am, 630am, 915am, 430pm, 530pm

Saturday 730am, 9am

Sunday 9am Recovery Class

Prices Memberships at CFNZ are on a no contract, direct debit basis. However, we have a dedicated community here, that has no need of tyre kickers. Make an appointment for a free consult with a coach, look around the gym, watch a class, but then make a decision.   If you want to secure one of the few memberships remaining, then you must commit to an initial 3 months to get started. Fees are determined by how often you train per week,  as low as $12 per session. CrossFit is basically cheap personal training, plus the added (and enormous) benefit of extra motivation, workshops, support, events, nutrition guidance, camaraderie, education, accountability and fun……!

CrossFit is so hot right now…..

They are popping up all over town, which is great on one hand – as it means lots of options for you.  It’s important however, to find the gym with both a culture that appeals to you, and the expertise you deserve. We are proud to be the very first affiliate in this country, ten years established and still growing (our sister gym Reebok CrossFit 09 in Mt Albert, is in it’s fifth year of business and provides a great option for those out West).  Our philosophy is one of fun, support and constant pursuit of improvement.  We provide a results driven recipe for success and have the expert coaching staff to help you achieve it.

It’s an investment in yourself.

Your investment  and commitment gets you not just exciting, motivating, results driven workouts, but regular one on one progress check ins with your coaches, access to specialty classes , a supportive community, access to skill workshops and seminars, regular fitness testing and world class exercise programming tailored to ensure everyone from elite athlete to brand newbie is getting the most from their training.

Standard Membership

3 CrossFit classes per week – $60 per week. All new members start here. Also included are twice yearly progress check ins, nutritional guidance and body comp testing, plus access to skill workshops.

Fulltime Membership

Unlimited CrossFit classes per week –  $75 per week.  Receive free access to Open Gym and skill workshops,  and nutritional guidance, plus quarterly progress check ins and body comp testing.