Member of the Month – Roshni Patel



Our January Member of the Month is Roshni Patel!!

Back in 2015,  she approached us with a request.  Her partner Aaron (also a member), was deployed overseas, and she wanted to know if we could keep her training a secret from him!  So that when he came home, she could give him a run for his money….

Rosh jumped headfirst into training, and you can still spot her before and after class practicing movement, and making ever steady progress towards her goals.

Thanks for your contributions to the community Roshni, and all the best for 2017!

1. CFNZ turns 9 this year!!  How long have you been a member?

Since September 2015 – I joined after having over a year off doing not much fitness wise, suffering from extended post-travel blues and Aaron was deployed at the time so it was great to have some new friends and goals and I haven’t looked back since.

2. What’s going on with you right now?  Work, hobbies, projects etc..

By day I have been working in Sales and Project Support for a Travel Insurance company but I am a traveller at heart, I try to have a trip to look forward to whether it is a NZ break or abroad.


3. How about training?  Hit any recent goals, milestones recently?  Learnt a cool party trick at CFNZ?

Well from zero full pushups when I started – I got 25 pushups last week (PR) which was pretty cool.

4. We’re a pretty social bunch here.  If you were having a dinner party, which 3 people would you invite, living or dead, however, but just to make it more difficult, it can’t be a member of CNFZ…?

My grandparents and Ryan Gosling (it’d be nice for Aaron to be there but he’s a member – I think Ry would be awesome in his place)


5. And what would you serve for dinner?  Got a signature dish you are famous for?

I’d hunt through several recipe books to find something new and exciting because I like to try new things.

6. And how about a signature move?  What exercise at the gym makes you feel awesome?

That time I got a Hawaiian pistol squat – I did feel pretty awesome. Now need an OH weighted pistol.


7. Performing an exercise you are good at is pretty empowering, but if you could have an actual superpower, what would it be?

Is teleporting a superpower? I’d love to be able to travel without the travel time!

8.  Would you like to give a shout out to a workout buddy?  That person who is always in your class time, the one you partner up with on back squats, and maybe you paint a target on their back to chase in metcons??

Awww my buddy Susan!! We did our intro together and are complete opposites in our strengths but class always super fun! 

And my Saturday buddy Carol M – she’s super inspiring and always great to share a barbell with.


9. What is your biggest achievement since becoming a member of CFNZ?
Strict pull ups! Never thought it would happen – taught me to just ‘trust the process’ sometimes!
10. What do you want to cross off your CrossFit bucket list in 12 months from now?
I’d love a 10m handstand walk, strict HSPU and a BW clean – thanks in advance Santa.

11. If you could travel anywhere right now, where would you choose?

Ooh South America or Antarctica – because they’re the continents I haven’t been to yet!

12. Interesting fact that people may not know about you…?
Ok, so I did do a small amount of CrossFit just before my OE where I first met my now fiancé (Aaron) in 2011 – he kept showing up to all my classes ;) 

13. In 3 words explain why you CrossFit.

Because it’s fun!