A change of direction…

Tyre Push Gym Hardcore Tyre Workout Training

We know how much people love masochistic, brutal workouts, that don’t do much for fitness, but plenty for poor technique, joint pain and adrenal fatigue…   as much as we’ve resisted it, re realised that it was unfair, heck, unethical of us to prevent type-A humans from getting their endorphin hit…..

So to reflect our new direction, we’re going to rebrand.

Our new name is…….


Gas Mask Training Hardcore Training CavemantrainingWe’re talking 2 hour workouts completed in just 20mins!!

Forget HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), that is so 2010, we’re doing something completely revolutionary…..

VHIIT (VERY High Intensity Interval Training!!)

Genius, right?   And we promise you wont have one single easy day….. EVER!

Because let’s face it, you don’t deserve an easy day…..

Want to know about our specials?

Not $129, not $99, not even $29, no, we’re actually going to pay YOU to train here.

Forget about the fact that a business needs cash flow to be successful, and provide a decent service, we just want to make sure that you don’t train anywhere else!!!  And you’ll be too tired to demand much in the way of service from us anyway….

All our coaches are imported from Siberian prison camps and military training bases, the kind of excuses they are used to hearing include hypothermia, gunshot wounds, loss of limbs, paralysis and death, so good luck avoiding burpees you slacker!!


Who’s got two dumbbells and is ready for Churn & Burn? These guys!!!

WORKOUT – Saturday April 1


Zercher Squat
Build to a heavy 6
TTB progressions


@ 0mins

200m Sled Drag

20 CTB

800m Run

20 Ring Dips

200m Suitcase Carry

@ 20mins

200m Sled Drag

20 Pull ups

800m Run

20 Burpees

200m Rack Walk