Athlete Recognition – Warren K.


Warren Kelly, our April Athlete! [pic: FITographyNZ]

This months Athlete Recognition goes to Warren Kelly!!

“It’s been beyond awesome to be back at CFNZ. The programming, coaching and attention to detail is as good as ever, if not way better! It was PR city the other week for what felt like the first time in a long time! So many light bulb moments in the short 4-5 months I’ve been back.”

- Warren

Warren started training with us way back in 2011!!  After moving closer to the city, he trained with our friends at Quattro for a couple years, but a move back to the local neighbourhood has also brought him back into the CFNZ fold!!

He’s back with a vengeance too, taking out the top attendance for March, and regularly holding down the top spot on the daily Wodify Whiteboard.

This also makes him our first double recipient of our Athlete Recognition, he first got a shout out back in 2012.   So I thought it would be interesting to ask him the same exact questions and compare the answers….


How did you discover CrossFit?

Rachael Bailey used to talk about it on the ferry to and from work and Nick Linton would rave about his crazy 3-5 meat paleo dishes. Craig Bailey suggested we sign up for intro in June 2011.

Favourite CrossFit exercise?

2012: Both olympic lifts or hand stand push-ups.

2017: Olympic lifts are still a favourite however, HSPU’s I’m not so sure about. I’ve grown to dislike being upside down in recent times for some reason… otherwise front and overhead squats are a favourite now too.

Most challenging CrossFit exercise?

2012: All dumbbell movements – Goat!

2017: Still rubbish at DB movements, but anything gymnastic, core/mid-line related or single arm/leg movements are the new most challenging exercises! I’m s**t scared of this year’s 2nd training block because it involves all of the aforementioned movements, but I’m also super keen to better at them.


What changes in your health, physique and performance have you observed since starting CrossFit?

2012: I never had any sense of health, physique or performance before CrossFit. I used to eat crap food, do lots of nothing or jam with friends in a garage with lots of beer. So all three have had massive changes. The box of beer at band practice and crappy food has been kicked to the curb, and the “lots of nothing” has been replaced by CrossFit, better study habits with increased grades in the last two semesters and much better capacity, speed and accuracy in my drumming. And also, a couple of people at work who went to another office just before I started CrossFit recently returned and commented that I look much happier, healthier and that I now have a smile! – They don’t know I do CrossFit so I must’ve found a smile at CFNZ

2017: 5 years have passed since the above answer, so a hell of a lot more has changed.

Health wise, I’m eating a lot more veggies and a little less meat these days. When I mean less, I mean 2 vegetarian meals a week and different choice/styles/cuts of meat instead of just frying a steak most days or slow cooking corn beef and letting that last me 2-3 days. I have my amazing partner, Allie to thank for this! Oh, and for those that do remember, it’s been a quite a while since I’ve had any chocolate milk!

Physique… I’m 20+kg heavier and I have a couple of muscles now. Still only one ab though…!

Performance – going from ring row/30kg ‘Fran’ to sub 4 minutes RX, 1x60kg snatch to 30 of them in 3 minutes (Isabel) or complaining to Coach Jojo that a 20kg barbell was really heavy to easy 100kg clean & jerk triples has been pretty exciting, especially considering there have been 2 broken collar bones in between! Playing a full set of 200+bpm thrash metal songs with Just One Fix (cheap plug) is a breeze and in the last 2.5 years I’ve become a born again Dawn Demon!

What is one word that people use to describe you?

2012: Quiet – This is ironic because I play the drums haha

2017: Same same.

What advice would you give to someone with regards to starting CrossFit?

2012: It will improve your life in the most positive way possible and help you excel at everything you do outside of CrossFit.

2017: I think this still rings true…

Something nobody knows about you or would be surprised to know about you?

2012: I’ve recorded various songs, demos and E.P’s on drums with various hard rock and heavy metal bands. Played drums in a rock music video which I’m pretty sure featured on C4 and maybe Juice T.V. – I wasn’t lucky enough to catch it on T.V, but you can see it HERE

I have toured around the country musically on two occasions – first time with a jazz band and again with a hard rock outfit to promote a single release and the above music video.

And I built my own drum kit (seen in the video) and used to have long hair down to my waist

2017: While the above has expanded with more touring, recordings etc with metal bands and a pending extreme/metal drumming magazine interview that everyone knows about, you all might be surprised to know that with all of the heavy metal, thrash metal, death metal or what have you metal aside… I still might throw on a Michael Jackson tune or two every now and then… and I still keep up with pro wrestling.

Favourite activity outside of CrossFit?

2012: Drumming, playing around under the hood of a car, watching rugby league etc. Even my job or uni studies – I draw buildings and bridges for a living and I am studying towards a diploma in civil engineering.

2017: Still drumming/band/music stuff. I don’t tinker with cars much these days or sit down to watch sports (ditched subscription TV 18 months ago and I don’t miss it at all!). I finished my studies a few years ago too…. I guess I better get some new hobbies!

Favourite place to eat a healthy meal in Auckland?

2012: Genghis Khan Mongolian Restaurant Botany – All you can eat!

2017: Masu! But only if I can afford to part ways with a body part or organ… :\

Otherwise Casablanca or Tanuki’s Cave for something more affordable for us average wage earners.

The song that gets you pumped up for a workout:

2012: If I had a choice, it would be a metal tune. But honestly, once a WOD starts, music sounds like white noise to me and I don’t even take notice – funny coming from a muso right? I’m too busy battling my subconscious telling me to rest.

2017: The above answer still applies. Otherwise a coffee at 5:15am, a warm up, name game and a dad joke or two from Coach Fred and I’m good to go.

The last thing you ate?

2012: Beef mince chow mein – without all non-paleo stuff of course J

2017: Grilled salmon, fries and green salad from Auckland Fish Market.

Proudest accomplishment at CrossFit?

2012: Getting a muscle-up in the CrossFit Open workout 12.4 with 20 seconds left in front of thousands of screaming fans – alright, maybe it was only about 50 people, but apparently it sounded like thousands haha. Also, meeting all the choice as people associated with CrossFit and learning how to do something as simple as a push-up or air-squat properly along with still learning heaps of other technical movements that I never even heard of before CrossFit.

2017: Even though it was a few years ago now, I’m still proud of coming into CFNZ after my motorcycle accident and car accident (breaking the same collar bone twice) and working hard at rehab, re-joining the classes with heavily modified workouts, achieving a double body weight back squat, my first 100kg clean & jerk and then my first RX comp at the HPU Playoffs in the space of 8 months.

What are your goals for 2012/2017?

2012: Crack CFNZ fitness level 7 at the next testing and enter some local individual comps for the first time and maybe aim for top 5 finishes at Intermediate level.

2017: Keep turning up!

Which CFNZ member inspires you the most?

2012: The one that walks into our gym and throws down next to me.

2017: ^ This