A little potential goes a long way

Improve your fitness capacity, levitate objects.....

Improve your fitness capacity, then levitate things…..

On a recent flight, faced with a complete lack of decent entertainment choice, I picked a movie with an interesting premise, but terrible execution, don’t waste your time on it…
Lucy, involved a woman who after ingesting an overdose of a designer narcotic, was able to tap into all of her brain’s capacity.
Homo Sapiens utilise approximately 10% of their brain.
When Lucy went from the norm of 10% to 20% she could move things with her mind……
Only 10% more…
Crap movie, interesting premise....

Crap movie, interesting premise….

Once she went past 20%, things got all kinds of next level – instantaneous healing, clairvoyance, and teleportation.
Sure it’s all make believe, but as a comparison, we see this happen every day in the gym….. from a fitness perspective.
Gain just a FRACTION of the fitness you are capable of, and compared to the average population, you have super powers.
Being able to run 5km, squat all the way down to the ground, and perform a handstand against the wall, puts you in the top 10% of the world for physical capacity.
Improve on that just a fraction more; perform a pull-up, jump up on to a knee high box, and lift your own bodyweight above your head, and you are already in the 1%.
And you’re just getting started.
The two ridiculous and crazy things about this post, is that;
1) that it takes relatively simple physical capacity to be better than most.
2) your potential, is unlimited.  You just have to do what the 99% wont do.
Work on it.
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