Shout Out – Emma Fairnie


Emma Fairnie can hit a golf ball pretty darn good.   As a pro-coach down at the Institute of Golf, she can also teach YOU how to do that.  It would be a great idea with summer coming up, for you to book a session or two with her, and get your swing sorted.

We first caught up with Emma back in 2015 after she’d been with us a year, and it was cool to chat about her experience with some dedicated strength and conditioning.  She’d made amazing strides and had set some big goals to chase.

Recently some necessary knee surgery has slowed this twitchy Scottish whirlwind down somewhat…  but it hasn’t interfered with her efforts in the gym.  If anything I think it’s made her MORE dedicated, with her rehab, her strength work and her attitude.

So although we’re normally on the lookout for new athletes to highlight in this feature, it still comes down to choosing people who really stand out to us.  While we have a ton of amazing people training with us right now, Emma is still inspiring us all.

1. CFNZ turned 9 this year!!  What’s YOUR gymming age?

 I’ve been hanging out at CFNZ for almost three years now – I started not long after I arrived in NZ and it was my three year anniversary of arriving here last month!

 2. What’s going on with you right now?  Work, hobbies, projects etc…

Work is always pretty full on- I recently had my first overseas trip to Taiwan coaching a group of talented athletes over there.  And we had a few days where we got to hang out with Lydia Ko, as she was in the country for the Mckayson NZ Womens Open this weekend.  

Anyone that knows me and Hamish will know that we are hanging out for some summer weather to get out on the boat and get in the water.  I had to give that all a miss last summer due to rehabbing my knee so I am especially eager to see some sun!

And projects…I guess the Spring Clean has highlighted a few of my anxieties!  So I have been working on getting a bit more balance out of life and surrounding myself with friends who can help me to relax when things get hectic.  I’m always trying to add more things in to my life but I think this year is more about prioritising the important stuff.

3.     How about training?  Hit any recent goals, milestones recently?  Learnt a cool gymnastics party trick at CFNZ?

The big goal for this year post knee surgery was to get back to normal training and golf.  I’ve definitely checked that off the list.  Despite some minor set backs, I am back to normal training (with some added rehab) and even had a few PR’s last training block!

It may sound a bit sadistic but I really enjoyed the rehab process as it forced me to face my weaknesses head on.  I worked really hard on upper body strength and general core strength so I think this year coming may see me achieve some of the big skill movements- maybe a handstand push up or a muscle up.  I have loved spending more time on the rig and rings playing around with different movements.  I’ve always been a bit of a monkey so that really appealed to me when I couldn’t do be on my feet as much.


4.     We’re a pretty social bunch at CFNZ.  If you were having a dinner party, which 3 people would you invite, living or dead, and just to make it more difficult, NOT a member of CNFZ…?

Miranda Hart, Rick Stein, David Attenborough.   Bit of a random mix!!

5.     And what would you serve for dinner?  Got a signature dish you are famous for?

Chicken Balmoral (chicken stiffed with haggis and wrapped in chicken) with a whisky sauces and lots of veggies!  And then I am a fan of desert…dark chocolate orange mousse and berries.  Rick Stein might not be impressed but I promise it would be delicious!

6.     Performing something you are good at is pretty empowering, but if you could have an actual superpower, what would it be?

To be unbreakable- then I would try everything without worrying about hurting myself.  I’m a bit of a worrier!

7.     Would you like to give a shout out to a workout buddy?  That person who is always in your class time, the one you partner up with on back squats, and maybe you paint a target on their back to chase??

Roshni!!  You’re just so darn fast!  It has been awesome to see Rosh making some changes and seeing massive results this year.

8.     What is your biggest achievement since becoming a member of CFNZ?

I love that I still come back to training and still love it 3 years down the line.

9.     What would we always find in your fridge?

Eggs and coffee.  Don’t all CrossFitters say that?!

10.   If you could go anywhere right now, where would you choose?

Motonui- The island in Moana!!  I know it’s fictional but…

11.   Interesting fact that people may not know about you…?

As a kid I played pretty much all sports including American Football.

I was running back because I was small and fast.

14. In 3 words explain why you train.

Fun Friends Function