Member Spotlight – Matt G

Today we’re throwing a shout out to Matt Goodwin.  A chance conversation with Matt and his friend Sarah down at Kohi Cafe (thanks Baxter for facilitating that….) brought them along to CFNZ and it’s been 5 years already!
Matt is a very thoughtful athlete, he loves to explore the finer details of his movement, which led to him recently completing his CrossFit Level 1 Certificate at the original CrossFit Games site no less, in Aromas, CA.
He’s been an inspiration in class, working his way back from shoulder surgery, epitomising our ‘silver lining’ approach, by getting his lower body strong as heck.  And on a personal note, I was incredibly grateful to have him in the stands at the CrossFit Games ’15, where he took time out from a business trip to come down to LA and support me.
Love your work Matt, keep it up!
1. CFNZ turned 9 this year!!  What’s YOUR gymming age?
I started 5 years ago, at CFNZ, when I moved back to NZ after 11 years in the UK. I should have put all my cycling/tri gear on ebay before I came home, because it’s just gathering dust.
2. What’s going on with you right now?  Work, hobbies, projects etc..
I’m looking forward to relaxing over summer and enjoying it. Life has been a bit ugly at times over the last 10 years, and so my big picture project is all about making all aspects of life rich and fulfilling. Taking negative life experiences and making them positive life lessons.
Also, I’d really like to be doing some DIY in the weekends, but I’m not on the property ladder.
3. How about training?  Hit any recent goals, milestones recently?  
I’m hitting milestones every day at the moment, and it feels great. The up-side of recovering from *shoulder surgery. My surgeon recently told me that I’m a month ahead of other patients recovering from the same procedure. Whatever it is you’re doing, he told me, keep doing it. (Editors note: humans get injured, that’s part of life.  It’s important to remember that we will program individually for you to get you back on track quickly and safely.)
Despite having to scale and modify almost every workout, I’m loving CrossFit NZ more than ever.
*I do not recommend body surfing in a storm after a couple of beers, as it may cause injury.
4. We’re a pretty social bunch at CFNZ.  If you were having a dinner party, which 3 people would you invite, living or dead, and just to make it more difficult, NOT a member of CNFZ…?
It would be 3 of my ancestors that sailed to NZ in the late 1800s from Ireland and England. It think it would be fascinating to hear their stories and know who they were.
5. And what would you serve for dinner?  Got a signature dish you are famous for?
Steak and roast potatoes. Or, because my dinner guests are from the 1800s, maybe I’d freak them out at the McDonald’s drive thru. Automobiles and plastic “food” would blow their minds. No McDees for me of course.
6. And how about a signature move?  What movement at the gym are you awesome at, or makes you feel awesome?
When I started at CFNZ my signature move was randomly going for a 100m run outside when it wasn’t part of the workout. It was some weird WOD tick.
I know I’m meant to be totally positive here, but as long as it’s not a wallball, it’s awesome. In saying that, I had a breakthrough moment with that movement today*, so maybe I’m coming around. Wallballs aside, my signature move constantly changes, because making progress, whatever the movement, equals feeling awesome.
*Early morning movements feel more awesome with coffee.
7. Performing something you are good at is pretty empowering, but if you could have an actual superpower, what would it be?
Flying. I had so many dreams about flying when I was a kid. Would save heaps on airfares.
8.  Would you like to give a shout out to a workout buddy?  That person who is always in your class time, the one you partner up with on back squats, and maybe you paint a target on their back to chase in metcons?? 
Workout buddy has to be Sarah, who now lives in Nelson and misses CFNZ. She’s an amazing friend who was totally up for joining when I suggested giving it a go.
Another shout-out to Toko. Everyone at the gym was super supportive when I was brand new and a bit nervous, but I remember Toko being extra welcoming and friendly.
9. What is your biggest achievement since becoming a member of CFNZ?
I can’t pick one single achievement because there’s been so many. When I started at CFNZ I didn’t realise it would help me and achieve and grow outside the gym the way it has.
10. What do you want to cross off your goals list in 12 months from now?
I want muscle ups and handstand walks and bigger lifts and more. The list is long. And I’d love to get involved in one of the team comps.
11, What would we always find in your fridge?
Pantry = freshly roasted coffee beans from Rocket Coffee, Supreme, or Espresso Workshop. Fridge =  bacon, eggs, sparking water, sriracha sauce, and fresh pesto because it elevates a bacon avo sarnie into something special. And I’m obsessed with Pure Delish choc nut nograin-ola at the moment, shout-out to Kaz for this one.
12. If you could go anywhere right now, where would you choose? 
Today I’m in a tropical-beach-with-good-food-and-no-crowds kind of mood. And Japan is next on my list.
13. Interesting fact that people may not know about you…?
I wish I could breakdance.
14. In 3 words explain why you train.
I LOVE IT. (3 words aren’t enough… mind, body, soul, resilience, growth, fun, PEOPLE)