January Athlete – Reid Midanek

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We’re talking to Reid Midanek today, our January Athlete!  Reid is a student down the road at the Chiro College, and is also a contributor to the awesomeness that powers CFNZ, helping us to keep the gym space sparkling clean and also assisting the coaches in our Kids program!
Reid has gone through a remarkable physical transformation since joining us, via the normal route of muscle gain and fat loss, but also with a huge improvement with his movement quality and coordination.  It’s been great to watch him building a deeper understanding of what he’s doing, and working to do it better.
IMG_3447Let’s see what he has to say….
1. CFNZ turns 10 this year!!  How long have YOU been training here?

I have been training at CFNZ for 7 months now (pretty short compared to 10 years but who’s counting ;) )

2. What’s going on with you right now?  Work, hobbies, projects etc..
Chiropractic college has started back up and entering 3rd year! 
3. How about training?  Hit any recent goals, milestones recently?
Believe it or not (to my work out crew), definitely never enjoyed running , but since CFNZ…changed my perception on everything and its become a huge skill
4. We’re a pretty social bunch at CFNZ.  If you were having a dinner party, which 3 people would you invite, living or dead, but just to make it more difficult, NOT a member of CNFZ…
Tony Robbins, Paolo Coelho (Author), Chris Hadfield (Astronaut) 
5. And what would you serve for dinner?  Got a signature dish you are famous for?

Chicken Parmesan with a side of Lasagne (GF options available) 

6. And how about a signature move?  What movement at the gym are you awesome at, or makes you feel awesome?

Power Cleans (They have come a long way !) 

7. Performing something you are good at is pretty empowering, but if you could have an actual superpower, what would it be?
Definitely fly 
8.  Would you like to give a shout out to you superhero sidekick, aka workout buddy?  That person who is always at your class, the one you partner up with on the squat rack, and maybe you paint a target on their back to chase in metcons??

Toko. He motivates and inspires me beyond any workout buddy I have had. He plays a big role in the mental game of CrossFit and overall just one of the most genuine dudes there are! 

Reid9. What is your biggest achievement since becoming a member of CFNZ?
Biggest achievement…Biggest achievement is not a PR, but being able to sustain and thrive with a complete balanced lifestyle with great nutrition, constant movement while attending a full on program at school. I challenge all of you to find me in a moment not smiling (During Lifts and Metcons do not count)
10. What do you want to cross off your goals list in 12 months from now?

Attend and participate in as many competitions as I can and be able to lift the amount of weight Coach Sean tells me I need to lift ;)

11, What would we always find in your fridge?
Raglan Mango and Turmeric Coconut Yoghurt 
12. If you could go anywhere right now, where would you choose?
Travelled enough right now…Kind of like NZ ;). BUT if I had to choose…probably do some hiking in Peru/South America 
13. Interesting fact that people may not know about you…?
I legitimately cannot sit still for over 4 minutes 
14. In 3 words explain why you train.
Becoming your best self (Yes I know that was 4 but that is the real reason, not just training wise but mentally, socially, emotionally, physically)