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About Us

We began CrossFit NZ in 2008 with a simple goal: to make our clients “Fit For Life.” The result is an amazing community with two locations, professional coaches and a fantastic, supportive community of members from all walks of life achieving physical fitness goals they never thought possible.

CFNZ has earned a reputation for our athletes’ accomplishments in CrossFit and other sports, but we actually have had even more success with amazing transformations of our every-day business owners, new mothers, firefighters, police, kids and grandparents who come to us to lose weight, get strong, do their jobs better or simply improve their health.

Our workouts combine the best parts of weightlifting, gymnastics, and endurance training, to keep your body guessing, and you motivated.

Our HQ is located inside two large warehouses in St Johns. It’s a purpose designed fitness playground, stocked with lots of functional, fun toys!  Our professional coaches are dedicated to you and your goals.

Take a quick tour of CrossFit NZ and check out our people in action!

Not all CrossFit gyms are the same. Here are the things that we believe make a difference when choosing a gym to join:

CrossFit NZ was the first CrossFit gym in the country to open, way back in 2008, we’ve been doing this a long time, and we work hard to ensure that our program is constantly improving, to ensure our members are making great progress, and having fun too!

Fitness equals wellness.  Training until you vomit, having sore muscles every day, and not enjoying exercise is a sign that you are doing it wrong!!

Besides the coaching expertise, the important difference between CrossFit gyms is the programming.  We design seperate programming for our beginner, intermediate and advanced members (and our kids), so that everyone can make steady, safe progress.

Watch this video to understand the science behind CrossFit’s results…

Owner Darren Ellis creates daily workouts for CFNZ and RCF09 members, other gyms, competitive athletes and regularly collaborates with some of the worlds top coaches to ensure constant learning and improvement. Our daily programming includes regular strength training which helps build a solid foundation for daily life activities.  Gymnastic skill work and flexibility exercises improve our members’ mobility and athleticism, and are also a test of patience and mastery. Finally, every session ends with some challenging (but fun) conditioning work that builds stamina and endurance, while letting you playfully compete with the other members (and yourself).

Check out some action clips from CrossFit gyms around the world.


Check out CrossFit kids in action on Seven Sharp.  And here are our kids working on their core strength and shoulder stability.

Darren also used CrossFit methods to test NZ sportspeople in Maori TV’s show The Fit Club.

New Zealand’s first dedicated fitness tv show, filmed on location at CrossFit NZ!

The boys from The Blues also dropped in for a pre-season rev up…

You might not think the competitive side of CrossFit is for you.  But testing your fitness, with the support of your community, is becoming more and more popular.  Coach Darren chimes in on this Tagata Pasifika interview to talk about the community aspect of CrossFit.

If you ARE into competition, the sport of CrossFit is now one of the largest in the world.  We’ve sent 2 women, 2 men, and a team to the World CrossFit Games over the past few years.  Check out Taz’s road to the Games on TVNZ’s Close Up show.

And here is some great footage of NZ CrossFit athletes competing at Big Boys Toys last year.

But don’t forget, CrossFit NZ exists first and foremost for people of all abilities, we are here to make YOU fitter, no matter your starting point. Our youngest member is 5 years old, and our eldest is 70. We have world champion athletes and people who’ve never exercised before walking in our doors.