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We may be biased, but we think everyone should be doing CrossFit.

It has changed our lives and the lives of our clients, and we love sharing it with people. But there is a catch – it’s hard work.

That doesn’t mean we only want elite athletes; rather, we are looking for people who are willing to make an effort. People who realise there are no shortcuts in life. We want people who will make a positive contribution to the amazing, motivating, friendly community we have here at CrossFit NZ. If you think that you could be one of those people, then no matter your current fitness level, we would love to hear from you.

Our latest batch of new members!

Our latest batch of new members!

The only way to know, is to give it a go.

We have free trials available during the week.  It doesn’t matter if you’re brand new to exercise, or a world class athlete, this is a chance for you to talk to the coaches, meet the community and learn more about what makes us different.

Bookings essential. 

No this is not, ‘like bootcamp….’

We are a strength and conditioning facility, a school of movement.  People join our community to learn, to be coached toward better physical performance.

Sure we might do a lot of burpees, but you’ll also get to learn how to swing a kettlebell, climb a rope,  walk on your hands, and lift a barbell with twice your own bodyweight off the ground.  Once you join us, you’ll start with private or small group Fundamentals coaching sessions, to learn solid technique, improve mobility issues and any structural imbalances, in order to safely and confidently join the main classes.   Standard membership starts at $60/week.

After Fundamentals?

Continue training with us in the main classes. Learn to do things you never thought possible.  Grow as an athlete and as a human being, through strong relationships with your coaches, and the friends you make here.

Explore our specialty classes – Strength Division, Barbell Club and Endurance. Participate in our regular Fitness Level Testing, Challenges and Competitions. Set goals, achieve them and set more!

  • Group Training (includes regular check in’s with coaching staff for accountability, goal setting and support)
  • Specialty Classes (Strength, Olympic Lifting, Running, CrossFit competition)
  • Online Custom Coaching for CrossFit, Endurance and power athletes (rugby, cricket, rowing, tennis, golf).
  • Coach Development Program – learn how to become a CrossFit coach.
  • Biz mentoring for new and future CrossFit owners.
CrossFit – challenging, motivating, tough, rewarding, intense, FUN!