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CrossFit Competition


CFNZ has sent 2 women, 1 man and a team to the CrossFit Games, plus strong performances at every Regionals.

Want to take your training to the next level?

Our athletes have consistently competed in everything from local comps to The Regionals to The CrossFit Games themselves.

We offer;

  • Access to ‘The Competitive Exerciser’ programming
  • Training sessions with the team if you’re a local, or visit Auckland occasionally.
  • One on one coaching, custom programming, skill work, nutrition and identification of energy system weaknesses.
  • Remote programming and online coaching

Email to register your interest.

“I just wanted to say how amazing this programming has been so far. So much more than I expected, you have been really great. All the emails and support! I feel that it is worth waaay more than I am paying!! So thank you.”

CrossFit competition is becoming more and more of a full time pursuit. And it’s becoming tougher and tougher to make it to the Games, let alone the Regionals, and even the local comps are becoming tightly contested battles.

If you want to be a top competitor you need to train hard and make sacrifices.

BUT, we’re not interested in athletes who want to win at all costs.

We don’t offer sponsorships, cheap membership or special treatment.


Our limited edition Virtuosity tshirt. Awarded for doing the common, uncommonly well.

Our lofty goal is a little different. The CrossFit community is an amazing one, and as a top athlete, you have the chance to be role models for that community, to show them what is possibly physically, but more so to inspire them with your work ethic, your commitment to training, your dedication to the best possible range of motion and standards, your willingness to help others, your humility and your sportsmanship.

That is the dream, not to get anyone to the Games again, although that would be cool!

The daily training and commitment; the competition and pursuit of excellence are what make us better people, regardless of the score.   As one of my mentors CJ Martin (CrossFit Invictus) says, “full effort is full victory”.

At the end of the day, it’s just exercise right…..?  :)

Access to ‘The Competitive Exerciser’ programming – includes one free training session per month, with The Comp Ex Team  if you’re a local or visit Auckland occasionally, $40/month

Private coaching  – custom programming, skill work focus, nutrition and identification of energy system weaknesses, $ dependant on frequency.

Remote Programming -  weekly programming, video analysis, and email coaching + monthly Skype catch up, $250/month