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CrossFit Terminology

WOD the Fran are we AMRAP’ing on about?!

Your first month at CrossFit NZ might feel a little overwhelming.  It’s not just learning how to move more efficiently, and working pretty darn hard, but there is also all the terminology!!

Thrusters, WOD’s, AMRAP, kipping, kettlebells, metcon and monostructural activity………your brain is probably just as sore as your muscles…..

So here’s a handy glossary of terms that you can refer back to when confused.  This will become a Resource Page under the News and Workouts tab, and we’ll keep adding to it overtime and linking demo videos, to ensure it’s up to date.

Exercise Terminology

Thruster - A front squat straight into an overhead press

Pushpress - An overhead press, assisted by a quick push with the legs.

Pushjerk - An overhead press, assisted by a dynamic drive from the legs, received in a power squat position.

DB Row – Hold two DBs in a plank position, and alternate pulling a DB to the lower chest.

Renegade Row - Hold two DB’s in a plank position and perform a pushup, followed by two DB Rows.

TGU - Turkish Get Up.  Usually performed with a KB, start from lying, to standing, to lying again, while keeping the KB overhead with a locked out arm.

CTB – Chest to Bar Pullup.  An increased ROM pull up where the chest touches the bar at the top.

EMOM/EM – Every Minute On the Minute, or Every Minute.  Perform the prescribed number of reps every minute for the prescribed number of minutes or sets.

Warmup and Cooldown Terminology

Wall Squat - a drill to improve your squat/snatch position

Divebomber - a pushup variation that challenges your shoulder, thoracic spine and hip mobility as well.

Dislocations/Shoulder Rolls - a great warmup for overhead barbell work, using a broomstick.

Goblet Squats - great squat therapy for the beginner, and a good test of midline too.

Band Pullaparts - These should be a daily part of your training routine, for strong, stable, healthy shoulders.

LAX – lacrosse ball.  Innocent looking spherical instruments of torture, used to self massage your grody soft tissues.

Other Terminology

AMRAP – As Many Rounds or Reps As Possible

WOD – Workout Of the Day

PR – Personal Record, ie. your best ever effort on a given exercise.

PB – Personal Best.  The same as PR.

Rx/As Rx’d – Prescribed/As Prescribed.  Completing a workout with the designated exercises, weights and reps.

Monostructural – a cyclic, repetitive movement, such as running, rowing, cycling, swimming, skipping.

Gymnastic – any movement we do using our bodyweight as resistance

Weightlifting – any movement that uses an external load for resistance; kettlebells, medballs, sandbags, dumbbells and barbells.

Kip – Dynamic extension of the hips.  Used to assist the arms with high rep pullups.

Deadhang/strict – No assistance from kipping allowed, as in deadhang pullups, or strict handstand pushups.

TnGo – Tap and Go.  Non stop reps, with no resting of the weight on the ground.  Unbroken is a term also used here.

ROM – Range of Motion.  The distance a joint is moved through an exercise, we are generally looking for the largest possible ROM that can be safely performed, in order to maximise work rate and results.

RM – Repetition Maximum.  The most you can lift for a designated number of reps, eg. 5RM is the weight you can lift 5 times.

Olympic Lift Terminology

Check out this cool exercise chart below.  The colour bar indicates the particular named lift.


“Hang” refers to the starting position of the bar – meaning that the bar is starting at waist, hip or knee height in the “hanging position”. We use this lingo for the hang clean or hang snatch. The bar never comes to the ground.  We can also specify a particular hang position. Eg: High hang, Below the knee hang.

Squat Clean/Snatch vs. Power Clean/Snatch

The preface “power” in the clean or the snatch refers to the receiving position of the bar. Power means you receive the bar in a partial squat…only as deep as you need to go to get under the bar.

Squat Clean/Snatch or Clean/Snatch

These 2 terms are interchangeable meaning that whether it says clean or squat clean, snatch or squat snatch it means the same thing…. that  you receive the bar at the very bottom of your squat.

Rack Position

The Rack Position is where you “catch” the bar on your clean or power clean. Elbows high, wrists bent back, bar in your finger tips with the weight of the bar being supported by your body not by your arms holding it up.