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Custom Programming

What ever your sport, we can help.

Field sports, endurance sports, CrossFit.

Let us design a strength and conditioning program to help you perform to the best of your ability.

Train at our facility if you’re in Auckland, or receive the information to do it yourself elsewhere.

New affiliates! Spend your valuable time actually COACHING, and growing your community.  Let us handle the programming.  All we need to know is how much space you have, average class size and your equipment list.

“We’ve been fans of CrossFit NZ and Darren Ellis since opening our box 2 years ago, always valuing his advice and guidance. We recently started to work closer with Darren in regards to our own programming ,with the aim to develop a comprehensive structure suiting differing dynamics of athlete. In just 3 short months the feedback from both our athletes and coaches alike has been unequivocal in its promotion and praise.

With an existing bias on strength the results are unquestionable. Athletes are getting stronger and faster while continuing to apply a qualified understanding of form before intensity.

Our original programming was never broken, but in working with Darren and balancing our own growth and maturity we feel we have improved tangibly. We’re looking forward to working closer with Darren in the future and continuing to develop our athletes and coaches in this positive vein.”

CrossFit Napier aka The Nox

Program Design by Darren Ellis MSc (Exercise Phys.) OPT CCP

I’ve been heavily involved in the fitness industry for almost 20 years, and my favourite thing has always been the programming.  I love putting the pieces of the puzzle together to suit the individual athlete, and tweaking it constantly based on the output to maximise results.

However, I’ve found what is most important is not so much the program itself, but the accountability to a coach, the opportunity to discuss, plan and review performances with that coach, and the accountability.  Did I say accountability twice?  Must be important then…. :)

“I just wanted to say how amazing this programming has been so far. So much more than I expected, you have been really great. All the emails and support! I feel that it is worth waaay more than I am paying!! So thank you.”

Remote Programming $60/week (includes weekly programming, video analysis, email and Skype contact)

Custom Member Programming $100/week (includes unlimited membership to CrossFit NZ and Reebok CrossFit 09, weekly programming)

Affiliate Programming $250/month (includes monthly programming, specific warmups, skill work, and post workout mobility/accessory work, teaching points, workout brief, movement video links and weekly email contact)

*all packages require a 3month minimum commitment.