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coachpic1Interested in working at the original CrossFit affiliate in NZ?

We believe that the major difference CrossFit has compared to other fitness programs, is the coaching, and as such, we take a lot of pride in our staff’s knowledge, character and dedication to the craft.

If you think you have what it takes to help our business and community continue to excel, we’d love to hear from you.


We are always looking for good people to help us deliver a better service to our community.  Not everyone is looking to make fitness coaching their career, but due to a life changing experience with CrossFit, they love to share it with others and even a part time commitment can make a valuable contribution to our service.

Most Important Responsibilities

- assisting coaches in busy class times.
- helping with the running of events, competitions, workshops and seminars.
- coaching 1-3 off peak classes per week.
- assisting with gym maintenance.
- running specialty classes (if experienced in a particular area – gymnastics, mobility, Olympic Lifting etc), or contributing to marketing, branding, customer service, admin etc.

A requirement of this role would be that you first joined our community as a paying member and participated in our Coach Development Program as needed.


As a self-sufficient coach contributing to the growth of a strong community, you will help our clients transform their lives through the pursuit of fitness.

Most Important Responsibilities
- Provide world-class private training and off-the-floor coaching for your clients to ensure retention and client satisfaction.
- Cultivate a community atmosphere and provide the same world-class coaching in group classes to contribute to retention and satisfaction for all gym clients.
- Contribute to operational tasks to ensure the business and community run smoothly, i.e. workout programming and exercise resource creation, blog content, gym maintenance, and program improvement.
- Design and implement a successful on-going specialty program.