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Experienced CrossFitters

We welcome you to the original NZ CrossFit gym!  While the general philosophy of any CrossFit is similar, you will no doubt want to do your research before joining a new affiliate.  Programming and coaching style, schedules, coach personalities and experience, and of course the community vibe are all very important, so if you want to check us out, we welcome you to try a free class.

Our gym is different.  If you are looking for long, brutal workouts, and always racing the clock, we may not be for you. We believe each individual has unique needs in their fitness.  Our approach is more individualised, more structured, and contains more emphasis on technique and mastery of movement.  Classes run for 50mins, but have allocated pre-warmups and post-cooldowns, so that we can spend the entire class COACHING you.

Our programming has 4 separately designed streams [Fundamentals, Fitness, Performance, Competition] providing a solid pathway to achieve any goal. It is divided into focused blocks of 8-12 weeks, where we emphasise various skills, drills, and movements, in order to develop them faster and track your progress better.  We use gymnastic and movement flow drills to increase effective range of motion, coordination, provide structural balance and better prepare you for your workout.

We have dedicated areas for pre-workout structural balance work,  post workout mobility and muscle tissue work, and a full size area for athletes to complete individually assigned work. morgs You must pre-register for your free class, by emailing with your preferred day and class time.  Our entire schedule is available to you to attend with the exception of specialty classes. Talk to the coaches, talk to the members, and if it seems like a good fit, then let’s get started.  

For the CrossFitter who is confident with basic movements and understands how to scale workouts to their ability (generally at least 6 months of training), our membership options are:




3 CrossFit classes per week – $60 per week. All new members start here. Also included are twice yearly progress check ins, nutritional guidance and body comp testing, plus access to skill workshops.




Unlimited CrossFit classes per week –  $75 per week.  Receive free access to Open Gym and skill workshops,  and nutritional guidance, plus quarterly progress check ins and body comp testing.




$90 per week. Fulltime benefits, plus a MONTHLY one on one coaching session.


$150 per week.  Fulltime benefits, plus a WEEKLY one on one coaching session.




The benefits of Premium, plus individualised programming.  Perfect for those with specific goals or sporting aims. eg. Powerlifting, field sports, power athletes, endurance athletes, muscle gain, fat loss.  Please contact for pricing info.

If you were training at another CrossFit affiliate for less than 6 months, or training on your own, you have an option to spend some time working one on one with a coach, rather than jumping straight into classes. You’ll still get a great workout, as well as getting a little more one on one help with your technique.  But you’ll also get to learn the ins and outs of our classes, the movements, where all the equipment goes, and our own special way of doing things. Get in touch today if you have any questions, or to get that first free class booked.