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First thing is to book an appointment with us to see what we’re all about.  It doesn’t matter if you’re brand new to exercise, or a world class athlete, this is where you can talk to the coaches, meet the community and learn more about what makes us different.

CrossFit Newbies: CLICK HERE to lock in an appointment!

Visiting CrossFitters: Always welcome!  We do require advance notice.  Please email to let us know which session you’d like to attend, your training experience, and any limitations you have.   $25 cash, in correct change please.

Experienced CrossFitters:  CLICK HERE to read more about how we may be different from your last gym. It’s a big step to join a new community, so you’re more than welcome to come and try a couple of classes to see if our culture and coaching philosophy works for you, before you  decide to commit.

STEP 2: OUR PHILOSOPHY - Professional coaching = exceptional results.

Start your CrossFit journey with your very own coach.

Start your CrossFit journey with your very own coach.

We believe that the most valuable part of our service is professional coaching, you are not simply a member, you are a student.  You are here to learn how to move like a ninja, be as strong as an ox and as supple as a leopard……. but that takes time!

We start our new members off with private training first, before moving them into group classes, still under the close supervision of our Fundamentals coach.  This allows much faster progression, as we can tailor the training directly to you and your goals, for the entire duration of each session.

On top of that we can identify muscle imbalances or old injuries, and refer to our in-house physio to address this, so that when you join regular classes, you can make the best possible progress going forward.

You’ll spend an average of 4 weeks in our Fundamentals program – smaller than normal classes, with an emphasis on the basics, in order for you to confidently progress to more technical movements and harder workouts.  We have AM, mid-morning and PM classes available.

Click HERE to get signed up.

STEP 3: The Pursuit of Mastery

Our latest batch of Intro Program graduates!

Our latest Fundamentals graduates!

When you’re ready, progress from FUNDAMENTALS classes into our beginner/intermediate level FITNESS classes.  We also have a more advanced PERFORMANCE programming stream for experienced athletes.

Our memberships start from $60 per week, and include regular progress checks with our coaching staff, nutritional advice, goal setting and ongoing support.

You’re going to learn to do things you never thought possible, to push yourself harder and challenge your comfort zone.  Try our Mobility classes to ensure you’re recovering just as hard as you’re training.  Grow as an athlete and as a human being.

Explore our specialty classes – Garage Barbell, Real Strength and Gymnastics. Participate in our regular Fitness Level Testing, Challenges and Competitions. Set goals, achieve them and then set more!


  • Personal training (1,2 or 3 on one coaching)
  • Online Custom Coaching for CrossFit, Endurance and power athletes (rugby, cricket, rowing, tennis, golf).
  • Coach Development Program – learn how to become a CrossFit coach.
  • Corporate groups (training, workshops and nutrition seminars)

CrossFit – challenging, motivating, rewarding,FUN!

We may be biased, but we think everyone should be doing CrossFit.

It has changed our lives and the lives of our clients, and we love sharing it with people. But there is a catch – it’s hard work.

That doesn’t mean we are only looking for elite athletes. We just want to work with people who are willing to put in the effort. People who realise there are no shortcuts in life. We want people who will make a positive contribution to the amazing, motivating, friendly community we have here at CrossFit NZ. If you think that you could be one of those people, then no matter your current fitness level, we would love to hear from you.