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Optimal nutrition is a vital complement to exercise in order for our members to look, feel and perform better.

Our services include nutrition basics for new members, personal consulting and custom meal planning for body comp improvement and sport performance.

Our approach to nutrition differs somewhat to standard practice.

We prescribe real food, using the Paleo diet as a template, from which we customise for individual differences and goals.  Our philosophy is that health and performance should go hand in hand, versus the more common one or the other approach.

All programming and consulting is delivered or supervised by gym founder Darren Ellis.

Is your goal improved body composition, better health and an improved mindset around food?  CLICK HERE to read about our ProCoach service.

Do you want to perform better at your sport, but not at the expense of your health?  CLICK HERE to read about remote coaching.


Darren has an MSc in Exercise Physiology, which included post graduate nutrition study.  He has consulted and lectured with a wide range of clients, including sports teams, corporate groups and the general public.

Recently he presented fitness and nutrition tips on The Fit Club tv series.

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