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Athlete Recognition – Fritha Hanning

fritha_squatA few weeks ago I was able to write my name on the one year wall at Crossfit NZ and that makes it a great time to think about the progress I’ve made since I first walked through the ‘great big rollerdoors of doom’. That’s certainly how it felt on that first day when I was so lost and uncertain and it was only the amazing community who helped me to work out what on earth I was doing, which direction I was supposed to be going, and invited me for a coffee at the local café afterwards that got me through the first week.


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Athlete Recognition – Chirag Patel

Chirag has been training with us for a little over a year. When he started he was working SEVEN DAYS A WEEK, and his dedication to finding time to get some training in was inspirational. Chirag is a quiet dude, but he is brimming with generosity and friendship, which shines through on a regular basis, whenever we host a charity event, or a new member starts with us.  No one can fault his work ethic either.


yvanca1Athlete Recognition - Yvanca Clarisse

Anyone who has ever trained in the morning classes knows Yvanca. Her raucous laughter is a fantastic catalyst to getting the crew woken up properly and smiling…

She has been with us since 2012, and making steady progress all the time. Like any CrossFitter, she is not satisfied with where she is at, and wants more! Including attending CrossFit Trainer Courses, and interning as a coach at CFNZ.



Athlete Recognition - Rowena Schuster

Rowena, like many of our new members, was a little unsure if she’d made the right decision, signing up at CrossFit NZ.   It’s always interesting to track our members movements in the gym over time – they always start as far down the back as we’ll let them, so they can hide away!!  And then eventually as confidence increases, so does their movement towards the front of the gym!

anna_aAthlete Recognition - Anna Alder

We love giving shout outs to our awesome members.
Our coveted red Virtuosity t-shirts will be awarded to these people to wear with pride.

 So without further ado, I present January’s Athlete of the Month, Anna Alder!READ MORE HERE.sarahAthlete Recognition - Sarah Nimmo

Today we are chatting to another one of our amazing members Sarah. She may not have been here that long but she has become a quiet presence with her dedication and determination to learn and better herself.

And at the recent CFNZ Battle Royale, she participated in her first CrossFit competition!!

This is why we do what we do, we LOVE helping people change their lives through CrossFit.   READ MORE HERE….

Athlete Recognition - Logan Brett

logan_tyreSo we’re talking to Logan Brett today, the latest winner of our AMRAP (Awesome Member Recognition + Awesome Parking space).

He’s given some pretty awesome answers, well worth taking a moment to read about his CrossFit journey, and have a think about the reasons behind yours..


Athlete Recognition – Ray Kahukiwa

ray_floorRay first walked in our doors just over a year ago, coaxed into it by his colleague and friend Andy Haggerty.

Once Ray realised that he quite liked this place, he embraced the process 100%, leaving his ego at the door, always patient with his progress, listening, learning, and giving everything his best effort.